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Saving Vinny Pancakes
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Hello, my name is Rachel. I'm the mom to 2 wonderful boys, ages 16 and 5, and I'm buried in an ugly custody fight for my youngest son Vinny. Vinny is a very smart, energetic, kindhearted and fun loving little boy who LOVES mommas hugs and snuggles, pancakes, puzzles, Minecraft, helicopters and wants to be a policeman when he grows up. Since his birth I've been the primary person taking care of him, aside from his great grandmother who cared for him while I went back to work. His father continued his lifestyle of coming and going as he pleased.

I put his father out in February 2014 for being physically and verbally abusive and an alcoholic with a hair trigger temper. He didn't like the music I was cooking dinner to, we argued and he decided to wait until my back was turned to pick me up by my throat and suspend me in the air against my back door. Thankfully he was pryed off of me by my brother-in-law. He became more erratic and began harassing and threatening me, so a judge granted me a restraining order. At no time whatsoever, even through all of this, did I ever deny him the right to see his son, although over the past 9 months I've had night after night of not knowing if my son will be brought home or if I'll see him at all, but the thought of him being handed over to a person who will just ditch him for his grandmother to raise, like his other son, while he lives the party life is absolutely heartbreaking.

I originally filed for child support and custody in June 2014, however his father decided to sue me for custody in 2016 with the hopes that he could collect child support from me instead of having to pay it since he doesn't work. He initially evaded service of the original documents and ignored every court document I sent him for 2 years, until I filed for a Motion By Default.

Now fast forward to today, I obtained a lawyer in April 2016 (Rismiller Law Group in Rockville, MD) and paid her by borrowing from my retirement which wasn't much to begin with. When that money ran out I was backed into a corner and had no choice but to put off paying major bills every so often like my mortgage and gas and electric, so that I could pay my attorney. I came here hoping that a few kindhearted souls would be willing to help a mother continue her fight for her child, his safety and his wellbeing. I've exhausted my 401K, have no savings and no one to borrow a large amount of money from. I've worked for the same company for almost 16 years and owned my home for 6 years. My kids are my life, my heart, my world, my everything and I'm praying for anyone to help if possible. No amount is too small. I know I'm going to win this fight but I just need a little bit of help right now to keep from drowning in legal fees. My trial date is February 6th and 7th, however on December 27th I was informed by their office that they cannot represent me if I don't pay them at least $2,000 by the first trial date. I don't want to lose my home in order to pay my attorney but my son is way more important to me than any material object on this planet.

Again, any help is so greatly appreciated. No amount is too big or too small. God Bless!

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