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Sisters side by side! NOT miles apart!
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Presley and Marley are the very definition of sisters. Since the day Marley was born these two have been inseparable or so I thought. The family court has decided to not only transfer custody of Marley to her father who lives in another state, but to also limit our time with her to one weekend per month. Being together is all these girls have ever known. Being torn apart will change the very being of who they are. Their bond will deminish and their relationship will never be the same. Each one of my children has saved my life in a different way. Here is our long story short...

Marley's father has never shown a true interest in her, but his mom always has. It wasn't long after I filed for divorce in 2013 that I had CPS at my door. They concluded that her dad had falsified information to sway a custody situation. We went to court where he brought up my criminal record, the fact that I had been homeless, and of course mental health history. All of which was well before Marley was even born. I was given physical custody. Over the last four years her dad has been invited/made aware of every appointment, daycare activity, and offered extra time with her. He never showed up to anything. I had started dating Wayne in 2015. Wayne has always treated both girls as if they were his own. Presley now considers him her father. He goes to the daycare activities, has been to doctors appts/surgeries, and helps just like a father would. Wayne like me doesn't have the best past. His past was all well before she was born too. Him and I have grown prior to our relationship and even more since being together. A year ago he was promoted to Service Manager at the HVAC company he works for and around that same time I also was promoted. I was offered the Family Program Cooridinator postion at the very homeless shelter that not only helped me get on my feet, but became my family.

February 2016 I found myself fighting to keep these girls together again. Had an in home evaluation that was supposed to take at most 8 weeks to complete. The evaluator spent 3 hours with my family over a 7 month period. During the evaluation her dad had accused me of munchausen by proxy. The medical records showed he was once again falsely accussing me. The evaluation showed that both girls are loved, well taken care of, not only do they have a strong bond with eachother they both have a strong attachment to me their mother, but that didn't matter. He was still recommended to have custody. Through this whole process her dad was able to testify on the stand four times and his mother three times. All those that testified on my behalf as well as myself had one chance to get out all we needed to say. He also admitted that his mom does all the care for Marley when she is with him and will continue to do so if Marley lives with him. Even though her dad never did anything an actively involved parent does the presiding judge gave him custody, and our time with Marley was drastically reduced to once a month.

Since Feb 2016 we have invested $25,000 into keeping Marley in her home with her sister. We fully intend to file an appeal, but need help coming up with the funds in a very short amount of time. If we do not file the appeal within 30 days we will have lost our chance to keep Presley and Marley together. Please consider making a donation or sharing this with others.

"A sister is a gift to the heart

a friend to the spirit

a golden thread to the meaning of life"

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