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I met Jason three years ago through a mutual friend, and although to say it was love at first sight would be lying, he quickly became one of the best friends I ever had. After a year of friendship our relationship progressed naturally and we spent a lovely year in Colorado. We moved back to Michigan to be with family, and soon began a family of our own. We were married shortly before our first son arrived. Things began to unravel. Jason's big heart had led him, previously,  in the year of our friendship, to pursue a relationship with another woman, named Brooke. She had two children herself before she fell pregnant with Jason's child, a daughter which they named McKenzie. The relationship was rocky to say the least, and while she was pregnant one situation escalated to her destroying a significant amount of his property and stabbing him. A PPO was filed and for a while they parted ways before Jason decided he still wanted to be there for his as-of-yet unborn child. They worked things out, he moved back in with the family, and the PPO was dropped. Then Brooke's oldest daughter, Caitlin, accused Jason of molesting her. He wept. The family he had so hoped would be his was rejecting him in he most disgusting way possible. He left. Our relationship developed. He was interviewed and released by the police and no more was heard of the allegations. Brooke began harassing us until we left state for Colorado on vacation. She paid for him to return and spend time with her, which I bowed to; this was the mother of his child and I would not stand in the way. We eventually returned to Michigan and Brooke continued to come around. She made it difficult for us to spend time with McKenzie but eventually relented and we had her for several visits. Once I fell pregnant and we became engaged however, we were no longer allowed to see McKenzie. It was clear Brooke was jealous and angry. Shortly after our son was born, Jason attended a meeting to decide child support for McKenzie. He was arrested. His parents helped us to get him out on bond and we had a few more months together. Anxiety ran high and I lost my ability to naturally feed my son as I had intended. As a veteran with war wounds, my husband's pain increased and he suffered greatly. We found a lawyer and hoped this would be a cut and dry case. It should have been. Things headed at a trial, where the selected jury was full of people who were previously molested. An obvious bias. Every witness told a vastly different story, both from each other and from their previous statements. There was absolutely no physical evidence to suggest that Caitlin had ever been molested. Yet the jury found an innocent man guilty. In those precious last months, I fell pregnant with our second child. My husband awaits sentencing before being shipped to a prison far away from us; he will be in isolation for or first wedding anniversary, our sons first birthday, and will likely miss the birth of our second child. Our son doesn't understand where his father went and I pray he never has to; Everything falls to me now. Fundraising has proved more difficult than it should have been - most fundraising platforms won't allow me to utilize them based on his charges. He is an innocent man. A good man, a man who fought for his country for 8 years, the father of my children. He truly is my better half and I wouldn't be half of the woman I am today without him. Brooke has tried her hardest to tear us apart, only to bring us closer. She has begun harassing me now in the absence of being able to harass him; this woman will stop at nothing now to ruin his life, and has gone so far as to insinuate threats to my children. We have found a great lawyer who can help us, but his fees are considerably more than I can provide on my own. Please help our family become whole again. Jason deserves justice.

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