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I am a mom to 4 children, my twins are two, my next daughter is 4 and my step daughter is 17. I have been married for 12 years to a man who is verbally and emotionally abusive and controls every cent that enters this home, now cutting me off from all!

My name is Sandi Joiner, I am 36 years old. I am a mother to two year old twins Mason and Leah, my next daughter is 4, and my step daughter who has chosen to stay with me is 17, and been with me since she was 6. I have been married to a man who just retired from the Marine Corps. He is very verbally and emotionally abusive as well as controlling. He controls every cent that comes into this home, and since I stay home with my children because I was only working before to pay for childcare he is now the only one contributing to bank account and says I do nothing to add to the monetary value in the accounts. I have been a stay at home mom for 4 years, before that I worked full time while also raising his first 3 kids from a previous marriage. The three babies we have now are my life, I had to do ivf just to have them which he made me pay for working full time because he said he didn't want anymore kids so I better suck it up and deal with it myself. He has now taken my name off all accounts, has removed all cash from home we had, removed money from my account and left me with nothing and says I need to sign his uncontested divorce stating he is going to get my kids because he isn't paying me a dime of child support and says he is going to make sure I am broke and homeless living in a trailer park begging him back. I refuse to be that woman. I have to teach my babies this isn't love, or respect and we are gonna be ok. I have never been one day without them and my heart is breaking that this is even happening. 

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