Gay Man Needs Help After Gay Bashing Assault in NJ
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I was brought to OVERLOOK HOSPITAL emergency room by SOUTH ORANGE NJ ambulance and nurse LADENHEIM made mistake and called security  guards THINKING I EAS THERE FIR SECOND RX WHEN CHARGE NURSE ROBERT SAID TO COME BACK FOR ONE PILL, the guards Dimon RIMBACK and others whose identities  has been kept from me all this time, proceeded to Assault me, they hit me from behind as I was in cafeteria after being discharged in middle of night.  I was brought there by ambulance and had enterovirus.  I did not expect the head guard to strike me in the head from behind, then others jumped me and threw me to ground, kicking me in head, face back, groin, then punching me causing concussion, broken nose teeth chest contusions etc, all for no reason.

the head guard kept calling me a fucking fag and put me in a choke hold that I lost consciousness at least three times.  I honestly thought I was dead and I came to and was out and the last time I felt biting on my arms and saw Dimon and another one clearly identifiable on my tape, stepping on my back and feeling my ribs pop against the cement  floor, 

my groin had large hematomas from the kicking with sharp boots

i have an intraocular lense implanted in left eye they we're punching, as well as stent and other medical conditions.  This should never have happened, it's malpractice on part of nurse and personal injury and perhaps malpractice on the part of the OVERLOOK hospital 

It is also a hate crime that could have happened to any gay man. The guards asked me IF I WAS TALKING IN MY MAN VOICE OR MY WOMAN VOICE in violation of all patients rights and I started taping the next 28 minutes on my iPhone with fever and blisters in er with nurse and guards accusing and attacking me clearly on the tape l.  They threatened to beat me and hurt me and later proceeded to to this and THEN THE HOSPITAL SECURITY AFTER MAKING STORY UP WITH SUMMIT POLICE THAT COULD NEVER HAVE OCCURED FACTUALLY MADE ALL IF THE SECURITY TAPRS FOR THE WHOME TOME I WAS IN THE HOSPITAL DISAPPEAR SO ITS NUST MY WORD AGAINST THEIRS.  They did not know I recorded them and this IS A BRADY VIOLATION AND BY LAW THE ENTIRE MATTER INVOLVING THE IMPOSSIBLE THINGS THE POLICE REPORT SAYS, and bu law must be thrown out of court because it’s obvious that they are hiding what really happened.  

The hospital guards lied to police and they created story and tried to cover for one another , they made all evidence of what happened disappear and the pelicans nudge will  NOT CONSIDER MY ONLY EVIDENCE, the 28 minute audio tape, which the FBI LISTENED TO AND there are 4 other instances I’ve learned of at same hospital same guards same police and the investigator said if I know of 4, there may be many, many more.  These guards are bullies u hear them in my tape and they are liars and work with the police in what is termed by the FBI as public corruption of the police on the guards on the public.

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