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Brad, The Beastman, and Cancer take on the true Monster - Monster Energy Company
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From the age of 12 Brad Eastman was an endurance athlete, training and racing in competitions of all kinds.  Little did he know that during this cycle of training and competing, he would be signed up for a race he was unprepared for, a race he wasn't sure he could win, the race to beat brain surgery. 

After discovering the baseball sized brain tumor a month after completing the Walt Disney World Marathon, Brad had no idea what would lie ahead.   With anticipated arrival of his first child, Brad and his wife of four years feared the worst when the first heard the news, "Brad you have brain cancer."  A nine hour surgery, removing a fist size portion of his brain and tumor Brad thought he was in the clear. 


Not long after the surgery, Brad found himself battling again, this time while enduring 60 rounds of chemotherapy and 30 rounds of radiation while being a devoted husband, loving father, aspiring professional, competitive endurance athlete, and graduate student, he was going to need something more.  If Brad was going to beat the odds, he needed to transform into the Beastman!


To fuel this transformation; treatment, and full-spectrum life, Brad would need to stay hydrated, boost his body's immune system but at what cost?

At first his search for a great tasting, healthy, hydrating beverage appeared hopeless, but when he couldn't find anything that meant these simple criteria, he decided; if industry couldn't come up with any quality beverages along the lines of his criteria, he, the Beastman could.  In his own kitchen, Brad came up with a unique formula which combined health, hydration, and amazing taste in just three ingredients with zero calories, zero carbohydrates, and zero sugar, marking the birth of Beastman Tea! 


Brad knew he had to share this amazing new beverage with the world and so he started with family, friends, fellow oncology patients and the reviews just raved about it. 


Born out of perseverance, fueled by passion, Beastman Tea is the one drink you can’t resist. Not only will its story inspire you beyond belief, but upon first gulp you will instantly be attracted to its smooth and delectable taste.


Beastman Tea is the X-factor every human needs in their life.  Aside from its organic roots, premier health benefits, and being a great tasting beverage, Beastman Tea is led by an inspiring story surely to motivate you with every gulp.  


In January 2018 Brad launched Beastman Tea.   In just 10 short months, demand for the product has been overwhelming and Beastman Tea is quickly hitting store shelves until now...


After filing for a trademark on the logo and name, Beastman Tea trademark application is now being opposed by the beverage giant, Monster Energy Company claiming they own everything having to do with the word "beast" in the beverage category.   They further claim that since Monster offers a energy tea line called rehab, consumers could confuse Beastman Tea with theirs - seems unlikely since Beastman Tea is focused on quality, health and just three ingredients in every bottle where Monster Rehab has sugar, calories, and carbohydrates with over 20 ingredients.


Brad and his company want to fuel a revolution, a beverage revolution focused on health and quality of life.  Help Brad raise funds to fight this monster and let Beastman Tea come to refrigerator near you!  This Monster needs to be shown, they are no match for the Beastman Tea army.  Let us unite our spirits, our passion for human health and our funds to fight for the Brad and Beastman Tea.


Thank you for your dedicated support, Beastman Tea wants an army of Beastmates to fuel this revolution.


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