Please don't punish my son for having Mental Illness
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My name is Tara Bailey. I am a single mother of 3 children whom I love dearly. I am from the Bay Area and I've traditionally worked in customer service oriented / business administration, and outreach positions. I've also previously owned/operated a Family Childcare. I am now a Paralege Student, and I am passionate about social justice and equally because ALL people are important to me. I am looking to dedicating my career to serving under served communities. 

In the image above is myself and my son when he was younger. As a young mother I thought that my son could earn a better education if he attended a school where the demographics were predominately European--the neighborhoods were always nice, quiet, and seemed to be safer for children. Unfortunately, when my son would feel that he wasn't being treated fairly, I would sit down with him and show him how to write up a grievance (Letter in image above). according to my sons doctor he was smaller than 90% of the children his same age. When my son had his first mental breakdown he asked me how could I put him in those schools--he was very upset about the way he had been treated by adults in grade school. Unfortunately and sad to say, I believe the that the District Attorney, judge, and public defenders are looking at my son the same way as the lady that approached him when he was just 11 years old (calling him Tupac, in letter above). My son is not perfect and he has made mistakes before just as mostmof us have , but he is not guilty of what he has been charged nor accused of. My son does have brown skin, though he was right when he said his name isn't "Tupac", R-Kelly, nor is he Donald Trump!

In some ways I also believe that my son is being framed--I have previously worked as a Medical team member in the same city/county that my son was arrested. In 2012 While working at a major medical facility I felt compelled to protect someone else son--the son of a teacher in n San Joaquin County. I tried to protect him from the county medical doctors, paramedics, and police officers, etc. The patient was seriously injured, despite the group of professionals standing around him taunting him, ignoring him, and laughing at him. My patient repeatedly cried for someone to call his mom, but to no avail did anyone acknowledge his cries--instead they just looked laughed at him. Then, the doctor started a rectal exam out of the blue, he inserted his finger in the patients rectum before everyone , the Police, Paramedics, and myself (I was training in trauma). When the doctor removed his finger he held up his index finger chuckling, "there's blood!". Everyone including the doctor laughed uncontrollably for a very long time. There was a newer nurse and myself--we looked at each other in a bewildered manner--the nurse was also afraid. I immediately approached the patient to get his moms number, I called his mom to make her aware that her son was injured badly at the emergency room and requesting her. His mom quickly responded by saying "What is going on? an officer called me earlier and said that my son had fallen and broken his arm! and now you're telling me he was hit by a car!

Themother also shared with me that her older son was being deployed to IRAC in the next couple of days (I noticed that something wasn't right about the staff surrounding me). I also remained with the patient so that I could keep an eye SPD, etc. (They were behaving strangely) until his parents arrived. I'm sharing this story with you so that you can understand that the city where  my son was arrested is a very corrupt place. I had put my own safety on the line to get this young boy help -- help from his family (I'm tired of remaining quiet about it now and I'm no longer afraid) When the boys mom asked for my name, I told her that I was afraid to tell her my name.

Strangely, the person accusing my son of this crime, stepfather was also my patient on this exact same night. I know that this story sounds a bit bizarre, though if properly investigated, it can/ will be corroborated by other professionals. Based on my observation this event was seemingly/ possibly an attack on the U.S. Military on U.S. soil. I am also risking my son's safety as well as my own by divulging this information (Cops were involved); though I trust that God and the people will not fail me at this juncture.

Now... I am asking for help so that I may also be able to protect my son. I am fund raising for my son's legal defense, as he has been charged with a deplorable crime that he did not commit. My son suffers with mental illness, and he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia Disorder. My son has previously shown great improvement with recovery. At this time I'm not exactly sure if the Police department is responsible for falsifying the accusations against my son or the alleged victim. I do know that it took the PD several months to complete the Police Report.

I have made a number of attempts to raise money for my son's legal defense. I  have taken on low paying jobs, I've driven up to 2 hours away for work, etc. and unfortunately it just hasn't been enough. I have been hospitalized twice since my son has been incarcerated and I've had to move 3 times--the first move was in an effort to get closer to the job market. Approximately 30 Days ago my son was  offered a plea bargain in exchange for his freedom . As tempting as it is to accept and plea for your freedom, my son doesn't feel comfortable doing that because he did not do what he has been accused of. In many cases it's better to accept a plea bargain when your're actually guilty--or if you can't afford a private attorney, instead of facing the risk of going to trial with a public defender and losing at trial and then getting the maximum sentence. Because he is innocent, my son and I are willing to face the possibility of a maximum sentence as long as we know that his representing attorney has his best interest at hand. His current public defender had instantly declared him guilty, she even discussed my son's case with me in the hallway of the courthouse before other people, and pretty much told me that he was guilty too. The plea bargain that my son was offered will damage him from being able to be a productive member of the society, as he was before he went into a psychosis episode.

I spoke with an attorney regarding my son's case in hopes of retaining him, unfortunately he advised me that the cost will be substantially higher than what we initially thought. This type of case can be proven, though it will require expert witness and investigators.

Therefore, if you believe in equality, social justice, racial justice,  judicial justice, honesty, integrity, or if you know someone that suffers with mental illness. If you have heard of or know someone that has been falsely accused or framed by a PD, etc. Or even if you have a desire to support my cause,  I am asking for your help, so that I may be able to help my son with proving his innocence. It is no secret that In many instances and especially when the defendant is of African descent / economically deprived our justice department is in need of drastic repair.

If you desire to support my cause, Please be advised that No amount is too big or small, all donations will be accepted.


P.S. If your an attorney as you wish to support, I am a certified Legal Process Server, and I would be glad to accept work in exchange for your donation.



Tara Bailey

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