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I don’t know if this will reach you...I don’t know what I’m gonna do.all I pray is that you at least listen to my fiancé Mashon Wilson was arrested yesterday morning in front of our son.he was treated like a common criminal(which he used to be by the way).He is currently in ocean county jail in N.J. He is in jail for fleeing the scene of an accident where a death occurred and driving on suspend and causing an accident where a death occurred.He went to Walmart that day November 25 2018 to get my son some water(he was an infant at the time) I admit driving in the wee hours of the morning was wrong but the rest of the house was he went.HE got hit by a Jewish boy about 20 years old I’m not sure.their was a passenger in the other persons  car and after impact The other persons car veered off of the road and hit a tree.Mashon was dazed,confused and not familiar with what u should do when an accident he didn’t see the driver so he went home. We thought it was a hit and run...We were wrong..Mashon was afraid he was going to be in trouble so when I called the police I told them that my mom was driving the car.when they arrived at first it was business as usual..but when we saw more and more cop cars pull up we realized something was wrong.we stood outside (in the dark)as police came to take pictures and then we went down to the police station to give our statements or so we thought(we wereInterrogated).we kept going with the truth but they seemed to think we weren’t so then the detectives FINALLY CAME OUT AND SAID IT AFTER 7 HOURS THAT SOMEONE PASSED FROM THIS ACCIDENT!! omg I was so afraid so I went home(we weren’t under arrest) and I told Mashon to tell the truth that he was the driver. at this point I didn’t care it’s like a life was lostSo he went to give a statement.IMMEDIATELY after that me and my mom were arrested for hindering a criminal investigation(that I had no idea it even was) We were released and the detectives told us we had nothing to worry about.that the guy driving the other car was under the influence and was driving at an accelerated rate so he would probably be in trouble.ALL LIES.Since then we have been to court but they have sent the matter to superior court.Mashon still does not have a court date and then BOOM! He gets arrested yesterday and I find out that his charge carries a 5-10 year sentence if convicted.we live in a predominantly Jewish community and the person that died was Jewish..All I’m asking this fair? I understand a beautiful young life was lost but why is mashon getting all the heat?He didn’t hit anyone!the only thing he did wrong was drive without a license.WE are more remorseful than words can express but we are black in a predominantly Jewish community...this story has been in the local news..and MASHON is the campaign face for it.the story they tried to spin made it look like it was all Mashons fault and he left 2 ppl to die to escape persecution. Please if you don’t believe me please read the police report! Please read the discovery!! ALL I’m asking for is for someone to hear my story! The lawyers want 15000 before they will even take on this case! I just recently had surgery so I’m out on workman’s comp.i have 1000 in savings for a Christmas club for my 4(2 girls 2 boys)children but that is all.i work as a CNA.My mom has been at her job for 10 years.Neither one of us has ever been in criminal trouble.How can I compete with the prosecutors office who can slander our names and lie?My Facebook is Iyanna hall and I have written a statement back to the ocean County prosecutor it has been shared but it isn’t getting the attention I need.i am desperate.Im a proud woman who normally doesn’t beg or believe that wishes come true but if u would PLEASE look into this or even share my story so that a lawyer can help I would appreciate it a lot.OUR son is only one.he shouldn’t have to have a life without his one does.

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