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Damien White traveled from Southern Pines, NC to Wilmington, NC to help friends move. While in Wilmington, he accompanied 2 friends downtown. Because Damien did not have his ID, he was denied entry to any bars with his friends. Instead of asking them to cut their night short, he waited by the Riverfront and close to the bars while they were inside. While walking around downtown that evening, he found the 22-year-old woman lying on the ground in an alley.

Damien realized that she did not appear conscious and her pants and panties were down. As he leans over to try to assess her or help her up, she regains consciousness and starts screaming for help. Two passers by, who had been out celebrating with friends, run toward her screams assuming Damien is hurting her. The two couples started assaulting him, even though he was trying to explain what he had just discovered. Suddenly he felt like he was in danger and ran.

He ran to try to find his friends, to get away from being assaulted, with 2 men chasing him, yelling that he had just raped the woman. Damien, after running 2 blocks, made contact with a police officer and tried to explain the chaos he had just come upon. He was taken into custody, he offered them his DNA and hair for testing; he handed over his phone and password voluntarily. He cooperated and for all of that, was arrested, charged, railroaded by the state, given a disinterested public defender and served 2 years in jail, awaiting trial because his bond was set at $500k.

Damien was convicted, in just 20 minutes, June 2017. He will spend the next 25-30 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, please be a voice for justice for Damien.

There is no evidence, no DNA, the woman has no memory of the event, nothing but a long list of potentially exculpatory evidence that was never investigated.

We are a group of mothers who have wrapped our arms around Damien’s mother to help her access justice for Damien. We are Mothers of Men who know that things like this are what nightmares are made of.  We raise our sons to be kind, to run into the fire to help people, to stand tall, and instead Damien is in prison, fighting for his life and freedom.


We know there is cell phone and digital evidence to prove Damien is innocent, along with other details that were not examined by investigators. The investigation and prosecutor sought to actively ignore any pieces of the evidence that could be used to exclude Damien as an attacker.

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