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My 11 year old daughter was hit and choked by her father during visitation, and made to sleep outside with no heat in the winter by her stepmother. We cannot allow her to be in danger any longer. More

I am a single mother who needed a divorce because of 10 years of domestic violence and abuse I experienced while married to my ex husband. He threw me against doorways while I was pregnant, almost made me miscarry my daughter, was cruel and sadistic while I was pregnant, swung his fist at my face almost every day, smashed plates near my kids heads, jumped in front of my vehicle when I tried to leave and then called 911 to tell them I tried to run him over, cornered me and the children with video cameras to cause panic, crushed my hands often when I would reach for the telephone to call for help (I wear gloves often now to avoid physical flashbacks from this), disabled my vehicles to keep me from leaving, called me names daily to break down my self esteem, dented our daughter's head on a doorway when she was a baby, terrorized my son with ice water in the dark when he was 1 year old, and much, much more scary traumatizing behavior. This led to the end of our marriage, as Domestic Violence Services told me and the children to flee to the local Domestic Violence shelter, and I listened and did so. We have now been separated for seven years. The separation has caused him to have unsupervised visitation with our children, and he targets women; this has caused my daughter to become the new subject of his antagonization and abuse, which has caused her to develop C-PTSD and trauma symptoms, documented by the Children's Advocacy Center, who advised supervised visitation only to the Courts.

Recently, my 11 year old daughter was hit and choked by this man during visitation, and then made to sleep outside on the same night, with no heat in the winter, by his new wife. The returned her home with bruises and in a state of emotional and mental shock. She was shaking, very cold, mentally dissociated, bruised on her face, scratched up from a broken mirror and from being dragged through the woods. She had run away twice to get to a phone because hers had been taken (while she was choked with his forearm till her airway was completely cut off). 

The emergency room called CPS and police, but both agencies dropped charges after talking to my ex husband.

She was so terrorized, that she has not returned to his house since. She is still so hurt, upset and scared that she has nightmares about that night, and about other visitations (including ones where he has tortured her with the point of a machete when she got scared and hid from him in a closet), and her sleep cycles are irregular. But she is trying so hard to regain emotional health, and has come a long way since that disastrous visitation. 

But because she is not visiting him alone, the family court GAL is petitioning now to give him full physical and legal custody. This is despite the fact that even two professional therapists are telling everybody that the child suffers from PTSD and trauma symptoms - including mental dissociation when questioned about her father. During session, her psychological evaluator brought up the subject of visitation with the father, and my daughter had a full panic attack. She wasn't able to continue the evaluation, just because she thought - she simply thought - about visiting him.

I have an arraignment hearing on March 22nd of this year, for criminal charges brought on me because the father has not been visiting the child per the conditions of the court order.

Therefore, I am about to go to jail, my daughter is about to go to juvenile detention, and her legal and physical custody is about to be given to my ex husband - who has a sixteen year history of family abuse, and who will destroy her mentally. All I have done is provide a stable life for my children, I have done nothing illegal or unethical to him or to anybody else.

Please see blog post here:

My daughter is in dire need of immediate funds for an attorney. We have found one who understands that our case is pure domestic violence, and is able to hopefully correct the path of intolerable pain our case has taken for child & mother; but his cost is $5,000 to begin the case, and about another $15,000 to continue and hopefully conclude the case. I have already spent all that I had, $40,000, on this case so far to gain safety, only to not have any safety; and am now bankrupt of all funds. I am having a very very hard time waiting for the hammer to drop at my arraignment and the switch of custody on March 22nd, and feel like I am living in a horror movie, watching time pass as my child is about to be destroyed by this upcoming catastrophe.

Please, help us in any way you can.  

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