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Help our Son of being Guilty by Association
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I am the mother of an extraordinary young man.  He is a Disabled Veteran of the US ARMY, who he has been supportive to so many people. Stepped up when others would or could not. He has donated thousands of dollars to organizations for children, fund raisers for many veterans, developing skills for young recruits, managed and assisted many in their college funding and has done marketing in other ways to assist the men and women wanting to go into or already in the Military.

He did this selflessly, because he felt it was the right thing to do.

About 7 years ago, he started his own business as a web designer, in marketing. It has been a difficult journey and yet he still persevered. 

He has done a lot for many people in his family, his neighborhood and in his business world. Never asked for anything in return.

On March 16th 2017, this man was awakened in the wee hours of the morning by his 20-year-old daughter (home for the weekend from college) and his 9-year-old son. They could see bright lights being shown into their home and heard the voice from a loud speaker of policemen telling their Dad to come out with his hands up.

Unaware of what was happening they quickly went downstairs to find out. As he opened his front door with his wife, children and brother in-law standing behind him, he was greeted with full guns drawn and told to come out with his hands up.

He immediately cooperated and told his family to stay there. However, the other police approached the rest of them and handcuffed all of them but the 9-year-old boy.

Still not understanding what or why this is happening and what to do; he was told by the authorities that he will have to go to the station for questioning and his family cannot stay at the home while a thorough search was underway.

His family went to his mothers' home until this could be ironed out. Meanwhile; and he was taken into custody. He was told his business connection with some people who are less than upstanding is why he is there.

He had done some business for a guy who had been under surveillance over several months. This other guy has a very lengthy criminal background and it now involves the Federal Government. However, because of his business with this guy, he now is facing a huge legal battle. He had no knowledge of any of this. He is being investigated and he met with an attorney who has informed him this will not go by quickly; it will be a long process. He has a hearing on the 31st.

He is the sole bread winner of his family, and his family does not have this kind of money. We are hoping we can raise the funds to help my son; a good man, an honest businessman, a former Soldier, a father, and a husband who has helped so many others. He has done nothing illegal ever in all his life. He is being criminally charged for guilt by association. 
NEEDS your help!!!!


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