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My name is Aileen C. and I have been a friend to Laura and her her son Skyler for the past twenty years. Skyler desperately needs your help in obtaining a fair trial. Here is his story:

My 24 year old son, Skyler, newly blind, sits in a jail cell 23 hours a day awaiting sentencing for a crime he had hoped would aid in ending his life.  I am reaching out on this platform to ask for assistance to hire a private criminal defense attorney to fight a possible 20 year sentence that is being "offered" to him by the prosecution.  His public defender has tried to intimidate him into taking this "offer."  I have managed to get most of the funding for this but am short $3000.00.  I would like to share his story with you.

After years of suffering through depression, social anxiety, opioid addiction, and substance abuse, Skyler attempted suicide three times.  Two of these attempts were in July 2017.  Police were called to do welfare checks both times.  The first time, they found Skyler drugged and making suicidal threats.  NO ACTION WAS TAKEN.  The second time they found Skyler had overdosed and attempted to set his bedroom on fire.  This time, they called an ambulance and he was taken to a local ER.  There was no psychiatric evaluation, no 5150 hold, not even a 24 hr hold..  They rehydrated him and basically sent him on his way the same day, deeming him "not a threat" to himself or others.  An egregious lack of judgment on their part.

Six weeks later in September 2017, he walked into a local pharmacy at 4:00AM with a gun and grabbed as many controlled medications as he could.  No shots were fired.  Two days later, after taking all the medication he had, he was found unconscious with a shotgun blast to his face and skull.  He had blown out his left eye along with the entire foundation of the left side of his face.  The optic nerve was damaged beyond repair, so no sight in the remaining eye.

Skyler spent four months at Stanford Hospital with top surgeons who did what they could to repair the damage.  He survived several surgeries, excruciating pain, withdrawals, seizures and infections, at one point they weren't sure he'd survive,  but he fought to live.  Even when he realized he would be blind for the rest of the life and disfigured, he fought to live.

I am fighting for him now.  For eight months he has been in jail.  He is meeting with a psychiatrist, with NA counselors, and wonderful people from the Earl Baum Center for the Blind.  Though it's been a fight to get these services to him, my son is worth the fight.  He is clean and sober for the first time in a long time and is looking inward, trying to make sense of his past and hoping to have a future where he can make a difference in this world.  He is horrified at the length he went to, to aid in his suicide pact.  He understands he owes a debt to society and to the individuals who were at that pharmacy.  His blindness, his mental illness, his suicide attempts do not absolve him of his debt to society, but putting him away for 20 years seems unusually cruel and unfair. 

I believe he survived against all odds for a reason. The ER where he was turned out the same day, is already reviewing their protocol and making changes.  Those who suffer from the darkness and misery that is depression, who self-medicate to cope with their pain, may hear his story and realize that maybe their life is worth fighting for. 

Please help me fight for Skyler's.  Thank you.

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