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Again I would like to say Thank You to everyone taking the time to read this.  I am usually a private person,  but today I am choosing to go Public.  Very public by first seeking out help and support for Legal Fees, and by telling our story.  And my personal battle for Child Support for my daughter Alexa.  

I was a teen mother to a wonderful baby girl, who has now grown into a lovely adolescent.  From the day I decided to keep our girl, her father tormented me endlessly saying that he would be unsupportive financially.  And with the help of his father who owns his own business and also employs him,  We would never receive more then a couple hundred dollars a month in Child Support.  As a naive teen mother I succumbed to his threats, Never taking him to court.  

At the present moment her father has evaded paying Child support for 10 years in which he was completely absent from her life.  Now that those 10 years have passed, the father began at my request  to pay Child support in late 2014,  Paying only a few hundred dollars a month. This time around  I patiently and kindly  tried to work out a more supportive amount for our daughter.  After a year of hearing one excuse after another why he could not pay more, I finally decided to file and take him to court.  To my misfortune her father has dragged this case out over a period of 18 months now.  First by filing for Joint Custody, in which he lost.   And then by his non-compliance with the Department of Child Support Services and also in Court.  In which I was urged to hire a lawyer.

Even then he failed to comply and dragged the case out,  hiring a lawyer ONE day before our last court hearing.  The Judge allowed another continuation, costing me close to $10k in legal fees in a matter of only 2 months.  This final action has proven that the father has been intentionally and maliciously drawing this case out to drive up my legal fees.  Not only trying to put me in debt but to also evade paying a reasonable amount in child support for our daughter.  

I Ask you Kindly Friends, Family and All to Please Help Us and Make a Donation so I may retain my lawyer for my final court hearing.  If Donating is not possible at this time Please Send Us Prayers, Love and Blessings to Help us get through this 16 year battle.

Love and Blessings,

Natalie Niles

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