Tea Bag could get me ten years. Please Help.
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Going home to Houston from Denver asleep in the passenger seat when my world was turned upside down. They found a bath tea that has a small amount of marijuana. I got charged with a felony that carries 2-10 yrs. I need $3500 to hire a lawyer. HELP!!!!

My name is Steve and I'm from Houston, TX. Over New Years my fiance, our best friend, and myself went to Denver, CO to enjoy the Higher Society party on New Years, snow board, and of course hit up the dispensaries and night life. The trip was fabulous, the people of Colorado were tremendously kind, and we discovered a brunch culture we had never known.

We winded up our trip on Tuesday and began the long drive home. Our friend began the driving, I followed, and my fiance was finishing up the drive when 45 minutes outside of Dallas, where our friend lives and we were stopping for the night, we were pulled over for going 74 in a 70. I was asleep in the passenger seat at this time, but my world would soon be turned upside down. 

The officer immediately began questioning where we were coming from while getting ID's from everyone. He takes my fiance out of the car and begins questioning her and another state trooper pulls up. He comes immediately to my window and tells our friend and I that he is going to search the car because he detects the smell of marijuana. Keep in mind that we had not smoked any marijuana in the car and the fact that we had been chain smoking cigarettes for the last 12 hours made "detecting" the smell of marijuana an amazing accomplishment for a K9, much less a human being.

In the trunk of the car he finds less than 2 oz. of marijuana and a bag of Mary Jane's Heavenly Hash Bath. They arrested me and I was charged with possession less than 2 oz. (misdemeanor), and amazingly possession of a controlled substance 2-400g. (felony). I was stunned. I had no idea what could be a felony, until they told me it was the tea bath. Still stunned. The tea has a minute amount of marijuana in it.

So I need help. I had to post a $20,750 bond which completely cleared me out. Had I just been charged with possession of marijuana the bond would have been $750, and I could have afforded a lawyer. Now I'm broke. I have talked to a lawyer who comes highly recommended, and specializes in this type of case but needs $3500. I need this lawyer and I am pleading for whatever help you can give. A public defender will allow the state to rail road me, so please don't allow this to happen. I need $3500 to hire this lawyer. If you can't help please share my story with someone who can. Thank you in advance for your kindness, and know that your help will not be in vain....once this is over I plan to move to Colorado where I never have to feel like a criminal again and give back to people that are in my position when I am able.

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