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Emergency Legal Fees for an Innocent Friend
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Hi! We are Tim Suchon and Rebecca Wycklendt, and we are raising money for our friend Kelly. He (yes he—it’s an Irish name!) is being charged with a crime he did not commit, and he needs to be able to hire a lawyer to prove his innocence.

How did he get into this situation? It's a long story, but we will try to fill you in as succinctly as we can. 13 years ago, Kelly was charged with a crime he did not commit. He had few resources and was not able to hire a good lawyer. He was scared. Wouldn't you be?

He was offered a plea bargain of a light sentence and 8 years of probation. He chose to accept the plea bargain rather than face the possibility of a heavy sentence for a crime he did not commit. Please, imagine yourself in Kelly’s shoes, without a good lawyer, facing charges for something you didn't do. Maybe you would accept a plea bargain, too.

As part of the plea deal, the state of Wisconsin was supposed to dismiss all the charges and records against Kelly upon his successful completion of probation. He completed probation 5 years ago. However, the state chose not to hold up its end of the deal. (Convenient, isn’t it? When you or I fail to uphold our legal commitments, we can be brought to court, but somehow the state believes it’s above the law…)

Now, Kelly is again facing charges which are based upon the charges from 13 years ago. The current charges are completely contingent on the old ones; without this old record, the current charges wouldn’t even be considered a crime. But the old record should have been dismissed 5 years ago…

Kelly’s lawyer has been extremely generous and has already donated hours of his time to help Kelly. The lawyer is confident that he can get all the charges dismissed since the original charges should have been dismissed years ago. However, Kelly needs money to pay his lawyer to make this happen. He needs $10,000 + related fees by his court date of April 10, 2017 to have his lawyer at his trial. That’s why we are asking for your help.

Of course, the U.S. Consitution guarantees us all the right to representation in court, but you still have to be able to pay a lawyer to have one. We have already given as much as we can to help Kelly without going bankrupt ourselves. Without your help Kelly may again be facing a heavy sentence for a crime he did not commit. With your help, he can get all charges, including the original charges from 13 years ago, dismissed. Please help. Anything you can spare will help an innocent man get his life back on track.

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