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Hello, My name is Idalia and I am 61 years old. I have greatly fought with the decision of asking for help, donations and or funds for my son. At this point, I have come to the realization that if I don't do anything my son will be spending 15-20 years in prison. He was involve in a car accident 3 years ago. Alcohol was NOT a factor. However, in the weeks leading to this day, he had lost his job, and he was evicted from his apartment. He was working for (NYCHA-13 years). On top of this, he had full custody of his son. 

It was a lot to take in, but he was managing his situation and was getting everything ready and packed to move out. In the morning of March 14, he got a call from someone and he decided to go to them, on a red light stop he had an altercation with someone but it was settled, at least that is what he thought. On the next red light stop someone smashes a bat on his side window and he got shocked and just drove ahead at this point he already had the green light, so he kept driving trying to loose the individual/s, when he realized there was someone crossing the street, he tried to brake as fast as he could, but it was too late. 

His bail bond was first set to 500,000 and then to 1,000,000. My son never had any encounter with the law, has never been arrested prior to this incident, and had no warrants. He was appointed a legal aid defense attorney who did NOTHING for him. The only time my son saw this lawyer was in court on his court days.

The lawyer Refused all my calls and when he did answered he never had anything positive to say about the case. Had me go around the community to get letters from people who knew my son to present in court, to later find out that he never presented any letters and or evidence to courts.

The money funded from this campaign will be used to hire an attorney that will go through his case and detect discrepancies and help him get an appeal/early release date and so forth. 

I am sincerely, and humbly asking for your help/support.

I appreciate you all and thank you.

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