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Urgent help needed for a loving young father who has been falsely accused, arrested, jailed, and his children were placed in foster care


On February 24, 2017 Raeshon was caring for his 16-month-old identical twin girls and their 2-year-old sister. He had known their older sister since she was 2 months old. When Raeshon started dating her mother, he told me that he fell in love with the little girl long before he loved her mother.

On that sunny Friday afternoon, Raeshon said that he and the girls took the mother to work, then they went back home to watch TV. Raeshon said that something told him not to let the 2-year-old go to sleep but he dismissed it thinking he was overacting because she didn’t look sick but he was concerned because she was very sleepy. 

The girls usually took a nap between 1pm-4pm but on that day, Raeshon recalled that they all went to sleep between 12pm-2pm. Sometime later Raeshon said he heard the 2-year-old moaning in her sleep. He went to her and asked what was wrong and she responded, “Cup”. So, he went into the kitchen and put some Kool-Aid in her sippy cup and gave it to her. She took the cup and went back to sleep.

A couple of hours later, the twins started to wake up but the 2-year-old didn’t wake up. He shook her and kept asking her to wake up. Raeshon started CPR by blowing air into her mouth and at that point, she seemed to breathe but mucus or a foam like substance came out of her mouth. Raeshon kept trying to wake the child while blowing air in her mouth. Panicking, Raeshon called the mother to tell her that the little girl wasn’t breathing. He carried the 2-year-old to the car and went back and got the twins. In his rush, he left their diaper bags, his wallet, and the house door was unlocked. The mother had already called 911 so the paramedics were waiting for them. Once the paramedics got the child, they immediately continued resuscitation efforts and rushed her to the hospital. Sadly, she was pronounced death shortly after arriving at the emergency room.

Although the ER doctor's assessment didn't indicate any trauma to the child, the police still charged Raeshon with aggravated child abuse later that night. His twin daughters were at my home but after Raeshon was charged, they were placed in foster care.   Raeshon and Twins Raeshon was arrested and transported to the county jail. On Monday, February 27, 2017, Raeshon called and told me that the detective came to his cell and stated that in addition to the aggravated child abuse charges, he was also being charged with capital murder since the child was under the age of 14 years old.  These charges made him eligible for the death penalty or life without parole. My heart sunk and I got extremely dizzy. I had lost my 41-year-old brother a little over a year ago, in May 2010, my sister was placed in a nursing home at the age of 32 because of debilitating stroke, and now her son was accused of taking a child’s life, so the state had permission to take his. I asked God why this was happening to my family and just started praying through my crying. Since Raeshon's arrest over 3 months ago, blatant lies have run rampant in the community about what happened and the children remain in foster care. Regardless of the facts that have been presented that clearly contradict the charges against Raeshon, he's still in jail without bail.  Twins' Birth Raeshon’s case has turned me into an “investigator” and during my research I found a report that was produced in collaboration between PBS, Frontline, NPR, and ProPublica. In the story, it stated that the hallmark of questionable prosecutions involving people accused of being child murderers had common elements and often authorities had little to go on other than autopsy findings. You can read the story  here. Of course, some children are legitimately abused. Unfortunately, both because of our protective nature towards children and sometimes due to poor police work or bad family dynamics, the wrong party is charged which causes innocent people to suffer tremendously and they end up having to incur huge legal fees to "prove their innocence."  

While we were, all taught in school that America is the land where people are innocent until proven guilty; the reality is that people falsely accused like Raeshon have to prove their innocence. To do that, WE NEED HELP.

We have information that contradicts important details within the case but the State doesn’t care. Furthermore, all medical experts state that when it comes to cases involving suspected child abuse and deaths, you must review the past medical records and medical examiners should consult with specialists who have forensics experience in the field of child abuse and neglect. Without a comprehensive review of medical information in addition to an autopsy, an innocent person can easily become a victim of a miscarriage of justice.

 Bath time

Raeshon has NEVER been accused of violence involving anybody, including children. He earned a full academic scholarship 3 years ago when he graduated from high school, was a A/B honor roll student, never had issues with the law, and had recently made plans to attend school in Mayhew, Mississippi.  

Our church family and other people in the community have been praying and supporting us throughout this terrible ordeal. And to make matters worse, we really haven't been able to grieve the loss of a little girl we loved dearly and considered part of our family.     

I have known Raeshon since he came into this world and helped raised him like he was my own child. I have witnessed Raeshon’s love for his children and other children he has cared for. His 9 year old little sister considers him her best friend.Raeshon is a shy young man who was starting to come into his own once he became a father. Our hearts are just sick seeing how he is hurting because his children and freedom have been taken away from him.

We praise God that he’s sustaining us through all of this. It has been very hard but I sincerely thank everyone for their prayers and words of encouragement. God is still good and he knows all and sees all. God saw that day back in February and he was there. God knows that Raeshon didn’t do anything to hurt the little girl he considered his own child.

Prom 2014 We don’t ask people for anything because we try to take care of own problems. But competent legal counsel and hiring expert witnesses is extremely expensive yet an essential part of Raeshon’s defense.   We have retained an amazing lawyer but we also need additional experts to fight this false allegation.  We believe that with help, Raeshon’s name will be cleared and he will be reunited with his children and become free from this nightmare. In addition to Raeshon’s criminal defense attorney, his family had to hire another attorney to help them fight to get the twins out of state custody. We’ve paid more than $22,000 for legal fees and additional expenses related to Raeshon's case. Paying for lawyers and the other financial obligations that already existed before Raeshon was arrested has put a strain on our budget.  

Raeshon and Cousins Thus please contribute whatever you can afford to help us help Raeshon.   We pray that through more successful challenges to situations like ours, the laws will be strengthen to protect our constitutional rights and mandate that police officers perform due diligence prior to destroying a person’s reputation and taking away their freedom. If you would prefer to contact me directly, please do so by calling me at (706) 298-9684 or via email at Thank you in advance for your financial support and prayers for our family. God bless you.

“Sometimes God calms the storm. But there are times he lets the storm rage on but calms his children." ~Anonymous

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