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There is no real easy way to say this, or ask for a blessing. My situation has gotten to a point where I have to make something happen and I am asking for help. I need someone who has had similar heartache due to parental alienation of a child.

Hello my name is Jay and I am a daddy to the most beautiful blessing in the world. Marianne came into my life a year and a half ago and honestly it has been a roller coaster but also the best times of my life. This child has truly blessed my life and I never knew how special being a father would be and how amazing I would be at it. Marianne and I have the best relationship with the little bit of time I do get to spend with her. When I show up to see her, I can hear her once I knock on the door saying "dada dada dada" and when her mother answers the door her little eyes light up and she is so excited to see me. We have the best time together with the time my ex "allows" me to have.

This is where the problem lies. My ex and I were together for about 9 months when she got pregnant. It seemed as though she did it on purpose as it was not long after (3 months pregnant) she broke up with me. Ever since then there has been extreme manipulation and control of the situation. She has done things to hurt me that I would have never done to my worst enemy. She did not invite me to the birth of our child. She did not give me the respect to give our daughter my last name, but is on me if I am a day late with child support. She does not include me in anything in regards to Marianne. I am not involved in Drs appts or anything regarding her. On fathers day I did not get any extra time and the same with all the holidays since and my birthday. To her this is her child and I am just a visitor. She determines my time with Marianne and when I see her I can only go to her townhome complex and I am not allowed to leave with Marianne. I have asked my ex to let me bring her to my place as I have a safe home with parks and schools etc but it only gets ignored. Our daughter had some health issues in her early months and there was a very important Drs appt to clear her. I was not invited but as soon as she got out of the appt I received a picture of her in her car taking a picture of the bill and what I owed...and then FYI our daughter is fine. I have countless experiences like this over the last year and half and 6-9 months during pregnancy. It would make this story far too long but I am willing to speak with anyone on the phone about it more to help them to see why I need help from this situation.

Unfortunately I am allowing it to happen. I say this because if I am able to hire the lawyer that many have told me is the best lawyer I can get for my situation, my rights will be granted. I truly wish myself and my ex could sit down and do what is right for this child and let her father have the equal rights and custody that Marianne deserves. You see my ex has issues with her dad and experiences with her dad that I will not bear false witness to expose on here.  my ex feels no remorse, no empathy, or even zero recognition that she is doing anything wrong. It is all about her and what she want and she could care less who she hurts in the process. She is so self absorbed in hurting me and having complete control and ability to use Marianne as her pawn to hurt me and manipulate me that she does not realize she is hurting Marianne in the process. I wish we could be adults and work this out between her and I but it is very apparent that the only way there will be a remedy to this is if I get lawyers involved. Hopefully in mediation and not the courts but if lawyers are involved she will be accountable for her actions and she will have to abide by what is set for our child. I have asked more times that I can even count to get more time, ability to be involved in things, and I have drawn the line in the sand hoping she would meet me there for what is best for our daughter but she just ignores. See she has it just the way she wants it. She gets my daughter 98% of the time and "allows" me to only come around for two times a week for four hours each. I get 8 hours a week with Marianne, under her terms and control. If I am not back at her house at 11Am I will hear a ration for it. Yes can I hire a lawyer that is less costly but I have been told by many that this lawyer I have already consulted with is the one I need. The one that will fight for me and get me what I deserve. She is amazing and is really really involved in fathers rights. 

What I need the money for is to hire her to represent me and get me the rights I need. I understand that I will not be able to get 50/50 custody at this time but from our consultation she says the time I have now is ridiculous for the amount of child support I am voluntarily paying each month($500). She said what I have now is newborn visitation. I need custody and legal rights. So I can be a part of decisions to be made with her and have a say in things and not let her manipulate and control the situation any longer.  As time passes my custody will increase more and more until she is about 3 1/2 -4 at which I can get a 50/50 type arrangement where she stays with me the same amount that she is with her. This is my dream. All I have ever wanted was to become a daddy and have a family I can love and cherish. I have this and I understand this but it is treated as though I am some kind of bad person.

With this said and this may be a default thought in a persons mind reading this. He must have done something to deserve this or is some way that these restrictions have been put on him. I am not a drinker other than the occasional glass of wine. I do not do drugs. I have NEVER laid a hand on a women or have never and would NEVER harm a child. If you met me you would know that I am a Godly man with high morals and integrity. I have a heart as big as the moon and Marianne is my heart, so that this is going on leaves a constant ache and hurt in my heart that I can not even explain. I know it is not good for my health and I am just hoping I can remedy it soon.

Another thought in your minds is why am I not able to do this on my own and if it was so important to me why I would not work night and day. I do, but unfortunately it is only to make sure my child support is paid and my living expenses. Prior to the birth of Marianne I was starting two businesses that are slowly getting started. They are in sales and agriculture products which we have just launched and should see revenue in the positive in May sometime due to trials and winter time. There was a lot of research and development to be done during the last few years and now we are getting closer to being in the positive. We are still seeking an equity investor as well so that may come any day now In the interim to make sure my child is taken care of and my bills are paid I am working as a handyman. If anyone knows this does not pay a huge amount and is keeping my head above water. So I work full time during the day as a handyman Monday through Saturday(except Wednesday and Sunday when I see Marianne) and then I come home and work on the computer and on the phone promoting and doing business development for my business and ultimately the thing that will insure long term security for myself and Marianne. So there really is no room for anything more. With her being with me for the two days all day I have no problem making sure she is taken care of and provided for. 

I need help and this assistance. I would pay back anything invested in this blessing for me with interest. This would be an absolute blessing if someone can help me with this and if you would like to speak on the phone or email I am more than willing to so you can see you would be helping out a good man and father, and more importantly helping a precious little girl have her daddy in her life more. Thank you for your time in reading this and God bless

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