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Funds needed- Tinder Date leads to injustice
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Story Essentials:

1) Two young people ( complete strangers in their mid 20's)  began Tinder/"hook up"  date at 10:30 pm.  Clothes were off ,  consensual sexual activity began , but consent was withdrawn- per accuser , ~3:30 am.

2) No means no, but was a clear "no" given ?  My son says no- jury only heard the accuser's story.

3) No evidence of physical force and testimony confirmed; no weapons, drugs, no physical force of any kind

4) Accuser , no resistance nor cries for help; claimed to be frightened by the muscular build and size of my son. He is only 5'10" , 205 lbs.; -not exactly a monster and he was the same size  at 10:30 pm and the same guy in the Tinder pic.

5) Accuser did not immediately report a crime, but was convinced to report later after a text conversation with a friend.

6) Very murky, only two people know what really happened, but jury convicted in less that an hour of deliberation with no real evidence of any kind. Just a consistent accusation story : text to a friend, police report.

7) We believe the recent , high-profile ,sex abuse cases in the LA area and nationally, have resulted in jury bias.

8) Women need to be heard in these cases, but is the truth through objective evidence that must be believed. How could 12 people make a a life ending, beyond a reasonable doubt determination with no objective evidence; with only the statements of one person ?

Summary, complete "bullshit" case , where LA cops and DA are taking advantage of social trend. The pendulum will swing back to a fair system, but my son has been locked up for 6 months, my retirement drained on legal expenses, and he will be in prison for years,  until re-trial/appeal resolves this mess.

Please help!

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