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Justice for Christopher Swartz Please Help!
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Justice for Christopher:
 “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter!
An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!                             -Martin Luther King Jr.

You can never predict what life will throw at you, all you can do is stay strong and be willing to fight through any battle that comes at you. I am here reaching out for help in our fight to bring my son home, and keep my husband from also going to prison.

On June 22, 2016, My son and husband were both arrested and charged with aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary, aggravated assault, and theft of property.

On May 23,2016, my son’s friend died in a car wreck, at the time my son was working for a local taxi cab company and was renting an apartment from his employer.  When his friend was killed in the car accident he came home to stay with us for moral support for about a week, during this time he did not work and did not go home to his apartment. He wore his dad’s clothes (as they are about the same size). He even wore his dad’s suit to the funeral of his friend.

After a week, he returned to his apartment only to find the locks had been changed. When he realized the locks had been changed on the apartment he called his landlord and employer and ask what was going on, she said she was letting another man stay there because he had nowhere to go.
 He worked with the man staying in the apartment at the taxi cab company and knew who he was, so he called him and told him he needed to get into the apartment as he did not even have any of his own clothing.   The man ask Christopher if he could use his bed and stuff because he did not have anything. Christopher being the kind hearted kid agreed but told him only for a week or so because he needed his stuff, and he expressed to him that he at least needed his clothes.

The man agreed to meet him at the apartment so he could get his clothes, however when Christopher got there approximately 5 minutes later, he would not answer the door and had set only a small plastic dresser outside. He did not give him any of the other clothing from his wooden dresser or any of his hanging clothing. Christopher then began texting him asking him to answer the door and he texted back stating he had to leave and he went to drive a cab. He texted him every single day for the next 2 ½ weeks asking for his belongings. He even called the local sheriff’s department on 2 different occasions asking for help. They expressed to him they would not get involved in these types of situations.
During this time he texted the landlord / employer numerous times explaining to her that the man would not give him his belongings she stated that she left everything in the apartment and she was on a 2 week cruise and would deal with it later. After the first week of texting the man he began stating in text messages that he didn’t have any of Christopher’s belongings and the apartment was empty when he moved in… Christopher told him he knew he was lying and he wanted his stuff. This went on for the next 1 ½ weeks, which lead us to the night my husband and son went to get his belongings.
The day of June 22, 2016, I had spent the day working at my small ceramic shop in town with Christopher, when we returned home we had 2 cows missing from the pasture, we called the local sheriff’s department to report them as missing or stolen. A police officer arrived and took my statement. During this time, Christopher ask the police officer again for help retrieving his belongings. The officer explained to him they did not get involved in cases like this, the made the quote “if it was my shit I would just go get it”. He later testified against Christopher and omitted this part from his testimony.
The officer leaves, Christopher begins texting the man again and he again stated he did not have any of his belongings. Later that evening, my husband returns from work. He tells my husband about what the cop said about retrieving his belongings. My husband agrees to go with Christopher to get his belongings.
My husband and son went to the apartment and knocked on the door. The Man yelled who is it, and he said it’s Chris. He opened the door and my husband told him “we are here to get Christopher’s stuff” the man said you cannot have it, I am calling the cops. My husband said “go ahead and call them, Christopher get your stuff”. At this time my husband was standing at the door and Christopher went into the apartment and began gathering his belongings. The man immediately called 911. There is a complete recording of the call.
Christopher went into the bathroom and seen my dewalt drill. Christopher went back to the door and handed it to his dad, when he did he smiled and said I didn’t know you even borrowed this and he hit the on button to see if it had a charge.
Keep in mind ….. During this time the man was on the phone the whole time with the police department. My husband never entered the apartment and was not even near the man and he immediately told the police officers on the phone “he just held a drill to my head”. My husband nor my son never touched or harmed the man in any way. During the 911 call the man states my husband held the drill to his head and threatened him with the drill, however during the call the man’s voice never changes, he is holding the phone to his ear yet the drill cannot be heard in the 911 call.



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