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This is an attempt to touch the right hearts.  In hopes this story may reach compassionate people that hear my story.  My name is Becky im 39 yr old disabled single mom. After birth of my 2nd child 8yrs ago who was 10lbs it left me permanetly disabled. My fiancee and i have been togetber for 5yrs. He helps support us and his mother as well.  He is 33 yrs old .he has a great career in which hes worked very hard for. Hes never been in trou le with the exception of a dui from 2005 which was before he was even 21.  He works in extreme weather conditions for long hours and travels far to remote and desolate desert areas. Ive never seen him miss a day of work even with broken ankle. He rarely does anything for himself. But takes care of us his nieces and mother.  2 mo ago late at night while driving home from car wash in a poorly lit street he hit a pedestrian who was crossing street while i toxicated 3x the legal limit. My fiancee did not see the man at all. He struck him and the man died. My fiancee immediately stopped exited vehicle and observed another car approaching the victim and he jumped in front of him and stopped the car by yelling and waving his hands. He called 911. There are reports of at least 5 other accidents in this location. To include a man on a bicycle who hit a pedestrian. Upon further investigating the neighbors in the area have made several complaints about this street the lighting and its dangers. However the city has done nothing to rectify this. Its is a crosswalk for children during the day with a crossing guard.  It does say children crossing .A block or so before it. Its almost impossible to see at night because of the streetlights create a shadow. In no way would anyone expect people to be crossing there. At night. The neighboring city which is the next block has there crosswalks properly lit with a flashing light and signs posted. Its clear to see the difference in which the 2 cities maintain the crosswalks. My fiancee did not have any alcohol in his system.  However because of the prior dui from 13years ago he signed a clause at the time called a watson clause many are unaware of this as were we. States if there ever a death u will be charged with murder. My fiancee was passing a kidney stone for 3 days prior to incident . i did give him a low dose of painkiller prescribed to myself for my back to help him with pain. However he does not have a prescriltion of his own. He had worked an 18hr day. In fact a couple days and by time he got home he was wiped. He does not take prescription meds and is often tested by his work and has never tested positive for anything. This was a rare situation in which he was hurting bad and couldnt sleep. That was a decision we regret immensely. The tox report does show it in his system.  He has lost one car that he just got tbey kept it for evidence .He sold his blazer for cash to pay lawyer his mother cashed in her retirement just to pay lawyer the first 15k . Weve been i formed they will be charging him with 2nd degree murder. 750k bail.  His father has a home however its out of state . We were expecting to make bail so he can be home and work for duration of trial. Keep working. Keep funding lawyer. To our dismay its not possible. We are stunned. Broken hearted .Scared to death.  He has never been to jail. This carries a 15 to life sentence. He is not a criminal. We really need him home to help prepare his family and himself financially and emotionally for the fight for his life. There is rumorstfrom several witnesses stating the man literally walked in front of the car and was being yelled at and literally being pulled and warned not to cross street. I understand tbat pedestrians have the right away but they also do have a responsibility and being that intoxicated means poor decision making.  My fiancee has nightmares PTSD. Panic attacks while driving and is suffering immensely. Losing everything he worked for his career life family future looking at 15 to life in prison. This is the worst nightmare anyone can imagine. Please help us.  I cant give up i have to try .My plan was maybe i could ask 750k people for 1 dollar.  And i can return that dollar at end of trial .

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