Justice for Will Allender. Wrongfully accused of murder.
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I am starting this campaign to help my friend Will Allender,


On April 18th, 2017 Will was arrested and charged with murder in the shooting death of his wife.


He does not deny that he shot and killed his wife, he does not deny that through his actions the mother of his children is now gone. However, he is innocent of the crime of murder.


I am asking today for help to prove that he did not want this to happen, that he did not intend for this to happen and that he tried everything in his power to avoid any issues and it was only upon a direct threat to his life that he was left with no choice but to act in self-defense.


Since the day he was arrested, he has been in jail, unable to see his family, his children, and his support network. He was given a 1 million dollar bond amount, ensuring there was no practical way for him to bond out, and he has had to watch as story after story on the news gets the facts of the case wrong.


Will has burned through his savings, his retirement funds and lost his property to foreclosure.

He has nothing left for defense.

His attorneys are working at extremely reduced rates and will not abandon him.

I am here today asking for help, I know that with scientific evidence and a thorough forensic investigation Will Allendar will be found not guilty. The evidence will show that he acted in self-defense.


I am asking today for your help in raising his goal of 25,000 dollars. This money will pay for the expert testimony needed to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is innocent of the crime of murder and that he was only acting in self-defense on that fateful day in April of 2017.


This campaign is set up so that all funds immediately go into an account set up for Will at a local bank. All funds raised will be to pay for expert testimony and legal discovery.


With your help and generous donations and sharing of this campaign, I am positive that justice will be served!

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