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Is this video worth a FELONY CHARGE?
Or was it a FB post where Vince stated: "I'm the one your momma warned you about!"
Vince is Jailed for PROTECTED free speech. Are "we the people" going to let this stand?

Please help expose judicial corruption and help Vince stand up for our rights! 

Is this video worth a FELONY CHARGE?

The system regularly fleeces the layman because only Attorneys, Judges and other court officials understand how it works.

Vince invites you to check out "I'm Leaving Civilization" where he explains to the layman in simple terms how we're being fleeced by these "McDonald Land Courts."

We're sure after reading it you'll agree Vince could've charged top dollar for his FREE book!

"Jailed for Speech" details Vince's current battle vs the local powers that be. It includes some bombshell evidence that exposes racketeering by county officials making bank off people's ignorance of the law. People do not even realize these officials regularly violate their own code! 100s of "off-gridders" have already been forced out of the area, many onto state financed services, before ever getting a day in court!

The local media won't give Vince a fair shake. The local population is mostly racist latinos who really hate white people! County officers, inmates and jailers are almost all related to each other! Vince has no hope of a fair trail with a jury pool tainted by family ties and system wide corruption which Vince's case threatens to expose for all to see.

To speak with Vince at the jail:
Service number is #888-843-1972.
Vince's inmate ID is 263055

Add $10 to the account and Vince can answer all your questions for about 40 minutes.

After account setup you can call the office and leave your name and number for "Vince Edwards" to give you a call.

Also email Chad with subject "Setup Vince's Phone" to let him know, he speaks with Vince at the jail on a regular basis:

We invite you to make a straight donation of any amount OR

If you wish to join the Garden of Eden "Reboot" please donate at least half of your member fee up front so we can do two things with that money:

1) We need to scratch together $1,750 (10% of $17,500: Vince's bond) then Vince is back on the playing field setting up a federal Deprivation of Rights lawsuit and an all important federal injunction on the county and district cases. He can also help raise more funds by doing media appearances and by further laying out his case in the court of public opinion.

Vincent has turned down two plea agreements in 5 months of this hostage crisis. We need Vince to WIN because we all have a right to free speech and the only injured party in this case is "we the people."

All the bias, intimidation and even the threat of a competency hearing and FORCED thorozine injection means Vince is winning and "they" have no more legal cards to play! If we get Vince out, they can't strap him down and shoot him up!!

2) With the rest of our seed money we're breaking ground on 10 or more earthship foundations at our main 20 acre site, we're also replanting about 1,000 square feet of greenhouse space!

OTHER PLAN DETAILS: Heard of a Keshe Generator? Biogas? Aeroponics and other great advanced technologies? This will be the world's first "self-sustained ponzi scheme" meaning: We will finance project organization with new money until a point in the VERY near future where we ELIMINATE the need for money!

Your only commitment will be around 15-20 hours per week doing something that needs to be done to maintain the community, while we work to eliminate as many forms of maintenance as possible so we can LIVE FREE!

OTHER FINANCE SOURCES: Surplus food we produce can help fund our project and each community will have a workshop full of tools to create items from free materials to sell at local farmers markets and other venues. We're going to be PRODUCERS. That is the key to truly living free!

So donate today, and if you want to join the first wave of #GoE 2.0, the REBOOT add $300 + $100 per member of your party (up to four ex: $700 = 4 members)

Then drop half that in the fund.

Mail the receipt back to us and we will reserve your ticket on the bus! Then make your way out to Blanca, Colorado and the remaining half is due upon arrival at our main site. Directions and any other details will be provided as required.

This is a ONE TIME PAYMENT after that you will be free of rent and other bills for life! We're giving you the opportunity to EXIT THE MONEY SYSTEM and join the Honor System:

1) Do not harm others.
2) Do not steal.
3) Honor your word.

How can we afford this? That's what Vince's fight is all about. We have the right to get back to nature and as long as we respect the rights of our neighbors, we have the right to live CODE FREE.

Ready to make a move toward living free, or just want to help us complete the blueprint for HUMANITY 2.0? Then please don't wait. Donate right now.

Timeline of events: 

8/10/2015 - 1st trespass by Soto & Romero of Code Enforcement - No warrant or documentation. Threatened with warning that wasn't produced.

8/31/2015 - 2nd trespass by Soto, Romero & 4 deputies. Accepted warning under durress. Refused search for "anonymous tip of decaying smells" by deputies. Warning claimed summons served within 10 days if I did not go apply for permits.

9/15/2015 - BIG commissioners meeting. 80 mostly off gridders for 8 chairs. 30 of us speak for three minutes. I'm #14 @29 mins here:

I announce sheriff run outside the building after the meeting.

10/5/2015 - Two witnesses in code enforcement office overhear Undersheriff plotting to arrest me at the next meeting.

3/9/2016 - 3rd trespass by Soto & Romero. No warrant. Serve summons.

3/11/2016 - Likely first contact of Seller (of my land) by either Trinidad Martinez or Andrew Espinoza via either email or phone.

3/11/2016 - Seller threatens arrest basically if I show up in court 3/29 & attempts to extort $3k lump sum.

Costilla County's own land use code section 8.30 says they need a warrant to access private property absent emergency or permission from owner.

3/29/2016 - Court. 1st hearing. I have "Motion for more Definite Statement" in. Court does nothing resets for 4/26. Does not "give me a few days to be in compliance" or threaten arrest as per sellers threat (likely relayed via Trinidad or Espinoza).

Trinidad agrees to private sit down at his office. I bring two witnesses. He want to record but I can't. I decline and we leave.

3/30/2016 - Trinidad emails Seller threatens 50$ /day fees if seller doesn't get rid of me. Gives seller legal advice. Trinidad starts fishing for support of 18-8-306 felony "Attempt to Influence a Public Servant"

3/31/2016 - Trinidad finally returns my 3/10 phone call to attempt to entrap me for a felony charge.

4/21/2016 - I'mt court filing counterclaim. Get served on felony. No arrest. Trinidad is an endorsed witness.

4/24/2016 - Trinidad ambushes me at local intersection on Sunday, alone to serve papers but was attempting to get me to assault him.

I file criminal complaint with Deputy Paul Quintana - no investigation.

4/26/2016 - Court - DA on felony charge jumps Land Use hearing to demand DNA/Fingerprints due to felony charge. DA admits he hasn't reviewed the phone call/video outside in front of deputy. DA claims "Youre threatening me" when I state I will sue him if he charges me without investigating. Refused consultation with public defender before submitting. I get contempt for arguing 4th amendment violations. 3 hour arrest.

Jumped within 5 minutes in jail due to guard telling inmates I "threatened to kill the sheriff."

4/28/2016 - Vince and Leslie on phone confront Deputy Rodriguez who pressed charge to DA. Deputy admits phone call is source of the charge. I did not say "pull your claim or else" as he claims.

5/2/2016 - Soto, Romero, 2 deputies, Trinidad trolling perimeter. 4th trespass to deliver "Cease and Desist Order" claims eviction within 10 days or 50$/day fine. No court stamp or judge signature.

5 minutes after departure Seller texts "call me I want to make a deal" I decline. Email from Trinidad proves he was going to notify seller.

5/3/2016 - Seller posts craigslist ad soliciting an unwitting arsonist:

Admits placing the ad in later email.


5/17/2016 - Emergency hearing for motion to dismiss:

Heard by phone. 30 secs to review 7 pgs w 5 exhibits. Denied.

5/24/2016 - Court - still no DA investigation. Oral motion to dismiss denied. Bill of Particulars, delivered late, ordered by judge has nothing to do with phone call. References instead a Facebook post.

6/28/2016 - Court - phone call ignored Judge claims I "submitted myself to the jurisdiction of the court" in transcripts. I again object to jurisdiction. Motion to dismiss on free speech grounds is denied (FB post "I'm the one your Momma Warned You about get ready to answer some questions under penalty of perjury" due to I find out Trinidad was stalking my FB so I put a message on there addressed to him.)

9/28/2016 - I miss court. Hearing scheduled in court previous. No notice via mail.

9/29/2016 - Thursday evening. No court Friday or Monday. Multiple deputies at my home to arrest. Will not allow inspection of warrant. They rush door. I close and lock saying "Dont come in I am armed" they retreat. 3 hour standoff while I attempt to get someone to guard my property while I'm in jail on $10,000 bond. Poor. Might as well be one million. Everything has since been stolen. Turn myself in to state trooper and agree to be held in diff county (they tried to get me assaulted last time in their jail). Also trying to protect my evidence from ARSON.

1/3/2017 - I won't let the "no warrant" issue die so judge issues order to "print out a warrant" clerk certifies it as "true copy of original" but signs in wet ink.

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