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Hello, my name is Aaron. I am 32 years old, I live in Winston-Salem, I am engaged to Ashley. I am a father and provider to 5 amazing children. Ashley had two children from a previous marriage and I gladly took the roll of provider and father when they needed me too. Ashley and I have one child together, Grayson who is one. I am coming to you about my beautiful daughters, (pictured above) also from a previous marriage. Trinity (12) and Abigail (10)  they are my heart and soul. Abby looks just like her me, while Trinity acts just like me. Unfortunately my relationship with my ex-wife has been staggered at best. Trinity and Abby have been stripped away from me numerous amounts of times, due to the controlling, manipulative, and alcoholic nature of their mothers new husband, and as a way to hurt me. Many reports of Domestic Violence have been made. One of which resulted in a 50b (restraining order) She has left and returned to him more times than I can count. Everytime she leaves she gives me a little bit of time with my babies only to take them right back again. Sadly, the chain of abuse and control still remains there. I fear that it will never change. At one point when they split up, their was talk about him needing to attend a AA class and classes to change his abusive behavior. That all changed when she returned back to him. Sadly, I have not been able to speak to or see my girls on a regular basis since 2012, when their mother began a relationship with her current husband. Many attempts to contact and visit them have been done in vain, and usually end up with me being asked to leave and deal with it in court, because the police get called. Many officers have pulled me to the side and have told me that it would be the best thing I could do for my girls. I have a current custody agreement with Trinity and Abby's mom. Which allows frequent visitation and communication. Unfortunately that agreement has not been followed. The very last time I was able to see or contact my daughters was October of 2016. I have tried contacting the school and various agencies to see what I can do to get my daughters to a safe and loving environment. All of those resources have pointed me to filling a contempt of order, and custody action in court.

Thankfully a lawyer has heard Ashley and I's pleads for help and has dramatically reduced his services to $1,200.00, which is unheard of when it comes to family law. That will provide me with all legal fees and both orders for contempt and custody. The lawyer is willing to help us by splitting the cost into two payments, so we can peruse this quicker and get my daughters home.

His information is listed here. Please click on the link listed in blue.

Craig LaMontagne My Lawyer

Please feel free to call and verify.


I love my girls and they all love me. To many times have I had to dry their eyes, when they left because they never knew if they would be able to come back again. To many things I have missed. To much time, and no judge in the world, can help me get back all the time and memories I have missed, but this can assure me that I will never have to miss anything again. They currently live no more than 5 minutes away, so I would not have to disrupt their schooling to move them with me. I have prepared them their own room, and I am going to let them decorate it how ever they want to. I cannot wait to begin to build memories and teach them all of the things I have wanted to for so long. During the time that their mother kept them from me my dad passed away. He always asked about them, and told me how sad it made them that he never got the chance to make memories with them, and be the grandpa he always wanted to be. The last time they saw their baby brother was when he had just turned 5 months old. He is over one now. Ashley "momma Ashley" as the girls call her has a rare genetic disorder, and I pray that they get a chance to establish a relationship with her. I don't want her to become to sick to be able to experience life with them, and teach them what she can. When the girls were around Ashley they could be free. They always pulled her to the side and talked to her about everything. They both made her poems and drew her pictures, all of which she guards like the most precious treasure in the world.

Due to the large amount this is, and I am the only one currently working at the time, (Ashley has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which prevents her from working, she has had 19 surgeries over a span of two years) I need your help. I want Trinity and Abby to know that their daddy is fighting for them the only way that I can. That I am here and that I love them. I worry that the longer that they have to live in that environment the more damage it will do. This is a situation where, money was more important than the well being of the children. So, if you could first and foremost pray with us. That God will move in a big way and we can get these girls back to me, where they will have stability and most importantly love. Please consider giving what you can, any amount helps. I will be sure to post updates. Please share this if you feel led to do so. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I am fully prepared to show any documents or give you a way to contact my lawyer directly. Thank you for taking the time to read about our story, and I pray that God blesses you in every way.




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