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Please help free Megan to be with her children.
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Ended May 14, 2017
My baby sister is held in custody and separated from her two young children as she awaits a trial that may take two or three years. My family has been working to come up with funds, but we cannot meet the minimum for bail and need help.

My name is Erin Turner and my little sister, Megan Bila is currently incarcerated awaiting a trial for a charge of second-degree attempted murder. Anyone who knows my sister or my family is probably shocked by this to say the least. I don't know the details of that day because I wasn't there, but I believe my sister when she tells me she is innocent. No one, but the people who were there that day know what happened. What I do know is that my little sister found herself in a situation none of us should ever have to experience. I also know that we are all broken people and sometimes bad things happen to good people. Megan is a good person who loves with all she has, forgives over and over again and trusts people so easily. 

Megan just turned 31 (in jail) last month. She is my mama's baby, my baby sister, my children's Tauntie (aunt) and my friend. She is also the mother to two beautiful girls. One is 12 on the cusp of her teenage years and one is 8 and is a star soccer player. These girls want and need their mama. Megan has been told her court date could take two or three years because they are so backed up with cases and have only a few judges. She has been granted a bond, but it is for $100,000. The percentage that goes to a bondsmen is $12,000. We have tried to put up family property for her bond, but it has been denied since we live in a different parish/county from where she is incarcerated. We are lucky enough to have retained a skilled, veteran criminal defense attorney. I know she is in good hands with him when the time comes. Until then, she is counting the days she has been away from her girls and reminds me each time I talk to her just how long it has been since she's hugged them. 

In her 31 years she has been through so much.  I watched my sister say goodbye to her fiance' and her baby all before she was 30 years old. Through all of her struggles she stayed strong for her girls and she never complained. She never asked me for help. She never has until now. When I speak with her on the phone she is so positive and she is trying to make the most of things. She misses her children like crazy though and she wants desperately to have time with them while she awaits a court date. I want her to have time with them while she can and while they are little. I am confident when she goes to trial she will be freed and I don't understand why there is such a high bond set. No one has that kind of money just sitting around and we are doing what we can, but there is absolutely no way we can do it alone. So many people have reached out and offered prayers and thoughts and they are so appreciated. I only hope we can help her to be reunited with her children until her day in court comes. Please help.

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