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Everyone knows that being punished for a crime that a person hasn’t committed is morally and lawfully wrong. My name is Fahima Hussain and my uncle, Imran Hussain has been convicted of two counts of murder, robbery and arson in the state of Florida. He has been sentenced to 30 years and life in prison. In the year 2007 my uncle was sentenced because the state of Florida claimed that he had killed the owners of a store he worked for at the time. The owners were husband and wife who my uncle lovingly called uncle and aunt. The victims were killed brutally by being hit on the head with an object. The next charge was stealing from the store once the owners had passed and then arson, burning down the store. Now when my uncle was questioned by detectives they failed to read him his Miranda right which is the right of every person and law of every state.

Next the detectives examined his clothes for traces of blood/DNA which came back negative, they even took his shoes from him four times. Weirdly enough, the detectives went back and forth with his shoes. The three times that they took his shoes all reports came back negative. However during the fourth time, detectives had said that they found two small dots on both shoes’ laces. The two dots of blood were apparently the same size and on the exact place for both shoes.


Now according to forensics, if a person's head is smashed with an object then blood is bound to splatter everywhere on the murderer and as well the surrounding area. So when the forensic experts did a autopsy, they assumed an visual where there could of been a pool of blood surrounding the victims. What confuses me is if there is a pool of blood then shouldn’t the murders/murderers shoes bottom be covered in blood? Also shouldn’t blood be splattered all over his body and clothing? However the only blood that was found on my uncle’s items was the two dots on his shoes that magically appeared during the fourth time the detectives took his shoes.

Many things are questionable about my uncle’s case, first the shoes and the DNA that was gathered which wasn’t even properly sealed but thrown into a drawer with other DNA samples contaminating the evidence. The robbery charges that my uncle was convicted of weren’t proven during his hearing. Therefore it is clear that they had no substantial evidence to prosecute my uncle. His defending lawyers given by the state even forcefully tried to have my uncle sign documents that stated that he doesn’t want to go on trial and that he is pleading guilty of the charges and wishes to serve life. Thankfully he didn’t sign because he knows he didn’t commit the crime he is accused of.

He has been in prison for these convictions for 17 years now, ever since 2001. Every lawyer assigned to him by state made him see that they wanted justice for him but in reality didn’t do anything.

My uncle, Imran kept strong till this day and is fighting for justice to be served, whereas the state of Florida wants him to rot in jail for something he didn’t do. Knowing that my uncle is innocent, my family and I are devastated because we want to help but don’t have enough money to hire a private lawyer to defend him. Now I am asking everyone who comes across this understands that the Florida justice system has convicted my uncle wrongfully. If anyone can help us with a little money, it will be a huge help. Please everyone let’s give justice to Imran Hussain to free him of 17 years from a crime he hasn’t committed. Thank you.

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