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Help Me Sue Erin Brockovich For Defamation
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I am the founder of, a professional filmmaker, journalist and activist.  In my career, I have traveled a half a million miles to over two-thousand cities, working hundreds of causes, from exposing cancer clusters, to fighting corruption in the US EPA.  

Over the course of my 7 year career, even though Erin was the woman who inspired me to be everything I am, I'd eventually learned some very disturbing truths about her, how she is lying to communities, manipulating people, lying to the media, pursuing frivolous lawsuits, and abandoning communities when she learns there is no money to be made, not disclosing she is a paid spokesperson for a law firm when she appears on TV, stealing causes from other activists, using causes for photo opportunities, while presenting virtually no evidence of her claims about toxic waste causes, with the latter fact sourced by LA Times, and Time Magazine. 

Erin and her water guy, Bob, in response to my investigation into their activities, are running a massive, organized, political smear campaign against me, which is not only destroying my career, it's destroying my life, causing me to become a victim of felony hate crimes, causing me to lose homes, causing false news media to be generated about me, it's isolated me from friends, family, business associates, and has cost me millions of dollars in actual damages.  

I want nothing more than the media and a court of law to vet my claims, so in this game of poker she has created, I am essentially calling, and challenging her to bring her allegations against me into a court of law, and for my story to be additionally be vetted by the media. 

I am begging for due process, as her group is working to prevent me from securing media and generating litigation. 

Because of Erin and Bob's involvement and the nature of the smear campaign they are running, after trying to reach out to - literally - thousands of journalists, and hundreds of attorneys, no one will help me nor has anyone ever written back or reviewed my evidence. 

The allegations being lobbed at me are absurd:  

The group she is working with claims I am a mass gun shooter, that I am "stalking her," that I am fraud, that I am scamming people, that I am a terrorist, that I'm schizophrenic, that I have AIDS, that I am spreading STD's in communities, that I am a drug addict, among dozens of other false claims, including repeated false claims that I have been charged with and found guilty of "domestic violence," a tactic used to discredit me to women, who are the primary audience for my work.  

The group she has put together features members of the national news media, a former LA County DA's Office employee, filmmakers, and others, located in eight different states, which means I am going to have to sue each person in their own jurisdiction, leaving me battle eight court cases at the same time, all across the country, crushing me with no less than $400k in legal fees, not to mention an uphill battle just to get an attorney to even review my case and years of national travel expenses just to participate in the court hearings. 

I am legally disabled for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, so all of this has been psychologically crippling for me, has repeatedly pushed me to the verge of suicide, which both Erin and Bob are aware of but have shown no mercy, whatsoever.  

Even more disturbing are the causes that have been wrecked, as a result of her actions, including's battles to stop the redevelopment of multiple currently polluted EPA Superfund sites, meaning that Erin and Bob are actually assisting developers who build on toxic waste sites with "getting rid of me," and risking the lives of thousands of people, just to keep me quiet, like at the Avtex Superfund site in Virginia, or at the Dico Superfund site, in Des Moines. 

Even when media does get involved, they are contacted by Bob, who lies to them and turns them against me, in what amounts to nothing more than a herculean effort to silence and keep me from telling my story.  

The media tells me, "We can't write about it until a suit is filed," as attorneys tell me, "We're not getting involved in this, you need media."  This leaves me in a position where I have no way to fight back and causes my story to be marginalized. 

As of right now, I have lost six homes, as a result of her group's actions, and this group has pursued me all over the country, locating me in every new city I move to, invading the community with fake Facebook and Twitter profiles, using a Russian style troll campaign, spreading false information about me, and eventually turning these communities against me, as her group even publicly brags about doing so, and mocks me because no one will listen.  

Funding this case allows me to force this matter into the courts, helps to free myself from this prison she has placed me in and allows me to get back to the business of saving lives, along with showing the world what Erin and Bob are really about, what lengths they will go to in order to keep the money train rolling, and who they are willing to hurt in the process.

I am going to need at least $50k for each suit, plus travel and living expenses, since her efforts have virtually eliminated my ability to work, have shut down my $2.3 million dollar Wagyu beef business, and have prevented me from running my organizations.   

Considering that Erin is backed by Weitz and Luxenberg, a law firm that has won billions in lawsuits, this is a massive uphill battle, and with your donation, it brings me that much closer to forcing this matter into a court of law, something Erin and Bob are doing everything they can to prevent from happening, essentially making her the Harvey Weinstein of toxic waste, and me one of her environmental #MeToo victims

Thank you for reading, and remember, there are currently 1,300+ Superfund toxic waste sites on the EPA's National Priorities List, as I am the only human being in the country actively working to bring this information to the American public.  

-Matthew Berdyck


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