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If you, like me, are not happy with the direction of the Republican Party in Illinois, then please take a moment to read this.

The current leadership lacks respect for traditional Republican/Conservative values. They seem only interested maintaining their positions and are willing to deny those values to stay in power. Think about the platform that they presented at the 2016 state convention!

A year ago, in order to maintain his position as party Chairman of the ILGOP, Tim Schneider and his staff attempted to unseat several members of the State Central Committee who were fighting for conservative values. One of them was me. Thankfully, my friends in the 16th stood by me and I was reelected to the committee as was another, Fred Floreth in the 13th Congressional District. In the 15th, a long time, hardworking conservative, Bob Winchester had his seat stolen from him. There were many, many despicable things done to accomplish this theft, including one Republican County Chairman who refused to even announce at his county convention, that Bob Winchester was a duly certified candidate for reelection. Also, even though the vote was taken in over 100s of precinct; some counties were encouraged by Schneider and his minions to cast an "unanimous ballot" in their counties. This caused Bob's opponent to receive 100% of the vote for those counties even he barely won. The same thing was done against me; so I know it happened.

I also had GOP staffers call precinct committee members and tell them that I was a sure to lose and they should change sides and not be a "loser". What happened to Bob Winchester was not an honest election.

Friends of Bob have challenged to election in the courts. Bob's victory could have changed the election in the state chairman's race.Unfortunately, the ILGOP has an attorney on salary whose chose to delay, delay, delay and the people who supported Bob in his suit have given as much as they can.

The 'bad guys' will be able to maintain control if we cannot continue to lawsuit. That will mean that conservative republicans will continue to be ignored. We will have no say in party policy, the selection of the candidates and THE PARTY'S PLATFORM.

It is time for the grassroots, conservative Republican to step up and give what we can. Those with deep pockets have run the party in to the ground and we need to show that we are going to take our party back.

Whatever you can afford, please send it. If you can afford $10, send it, if you can afford $5 send it, $500, send it, whatever you can afford, PLEASE SEND IT! If this suit is allowed to just fade away; our place in the Illinois GOP will fade away as well.

Thank you, John McGlasson, Sr. 16th Congressional District Member, Illinois State Central Committee

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