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**NOTE: Please DO NOT share this on social media. The family is still at risk. We are sharing this link only individual by individual, not via social media. Thank you for understanding.**

W. and his family need your help to ensure that they stay together and stay safe in the US.

W. was born in Central America but grew up in the US. In high school he started following his brother around, who got mixed up in the MS-13 gang. W. was involved as a teenager and landed in jail after stealing a car. He did his time in prison and was then deported back to his birth country in Central America, where he turned his life around completely. He even tried to remove the gang tattoos, and has the scars to prove it. For more than a decade, things were going well: he worked hard, stayed out of trouble completely, started a business, fell in love, had a child. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse.

Eventually, W. was recognized by an old gang member from the US and they began pursuing him relentlessly and threatening his and his family's lives. One day, gang members accosted him and attempted to brutally murder him. They left him for dead, but he survived. 

At that point, he knew he had to get out of there. Even local authorities admitted they couldn't help him and that escaping to the US would be his best bet for saving his life. He sent his wife and child to leave immediately, while he healed, but they were sent back once they reached Mexico. So, then W., still bleeding from the act of violence, packed up the whole family and they left together. 

At the US-Mexico border, the men were separated from women and children. W. made it into the US undetected, but his wife and child were apprehended and detained. They made it clear that their lives were in danger and that they were seeking asylum in the United States. They were later released and given a court date.

The family was extremely traumatized. The child started school but could barely concentrate and reacted at any loud noise. Advocates learned of their situation and tried to provide some support, but this was a difficult case.

W. was an undocumented immigrant who was previously deported due to a criminal background. US immigration authorities treat these cases very harshly, even though he has paid his time and reformed his life.

Finally, the court date of W.'s wife arrived. Making the case to obtain political asylum was difficult, and W.'s testimony would underscore the severity of the situation. However, if W. testified, immigration authorities would be alerted to his presence and he would almost certainly be detained.

Exhibiting great courage and selflessness, W. chose to testify, and ultimately his wife and child did win asylum. But, as expected, W. was immediately detained, and he currently remains in detention. If he is deported to his birth country in Central America, he will be killed. But through advocacy and community support, we want to win his case. 

Attorneys are working on this case pro-bono because of how exceptional it is. Several organizations are backing this family and are urging others to support. Expenses are mounting, because even though the attorneys are not charging for their time, there are numerous other expenses: travel costs to the detention center out of state, costs of an expert witness, costs of additional immigration fees for the wife and child, and more. We estimate these costs to be a total of around $6000.

We cannot share too many details of this case because MS-13 is still active across the United States. Sharing too much personal information could put W or his family at great risk. Therefore, we ask you to NOT SHARE this publicly. If you know of someone willing to make a donation, you can send the link to them from individual to individual, but please DO NOT share this on social media. 

Organizations that are supporting this individual and can verify the facts of the case include local offices of the American Friends Service Committee and the YWCA, as well as local immigrant rights group and churches.For security reasons, we are intentionally being vague about the locations of these offices, but if you would like more information, please contact or


Because of organizational bureaucracy and the temporary nature of this campaign, we have chosen to funnel the funds through an individual, Lori Khamala ( We are committed to complete transparency about this campaign and the use of the funds. If you would like more information about this, you can get in touch with W.'s support team by contacting Kelly Morales ( 

Thank you for your support!



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