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Greetings Family, Friends & All,

Sharing this true story of an event that happened in my life has been extremely difficult to do and uneasy. You may have experienced or know of someone who has gone thru a similar situation, therefore I ask that you take those memories into account and share with friends/family. I dont know where this is going to lead, but I have no other choice or outlet for help. 
I, Temekia Thompson in 2015, I was involved in a no injury car incident, that placed me in a legal situation. I have been advised not to speak publicly about specifics, but any one who knows me, will quickly verify that I am not a criminal. Thank God no one was touched, hurt or injured, but my mental state has been burdened by this non sensible charge that I am fighting. Please read on til the end and share if possible, thank you.
It took some time for me to find what I thought was the right attorney, he proved me wrong. The attorney I hired, branded himself as a specialist, but has now closed his private office (after 20 plus years) without warning or prior notice. Looking back, I now see his specialty was taking my monthly payments. His contractual obligation to me was not met or completed at all. 
This attorney was hired on 8/16 and received a $3500 down payment. The following month 9/15/16, I started making monthly payments at $500 per month to fulfil the $6,500 obligation which I completed January of 2017. All monthly court dates from initial hiring thru Dec 2016 were rescheduled. January 2017 was my first real court appearance (preliminary hearing) as all prior court dates were rescheduled. He silenced me & lost my one and only prelim hearing. Now, I am headed to TRIAL, a pre-trial conference with no representation. Attorney was fully paid in 1/2017, dropped my case by email 2/17, closed his office 2/17 and left me on my own to be defend myself, which I will never do. Prior notice or call was not provided to me by him nor any of his office assistants. I contacted the State Bar Association, submitted a complaint and informed the judge in 2/17 of all that happened.Thank God, the judge graciously allowed me more time to get new representation. To be transparent and straight to the point, crowd funding is needed to proceed, if I'm going to remain free to fight this non-violent case. 
I've been in talks with a very experienced, reputable, straightforward attorney (prior to hiring the unethical lawyer), who knows all about my case. He & his team of experts is ready/willing to fight for me in every aspect to remain free. This is where your help is urgently needed. I have a high chance of winning the case with your support. Dilemma is the full retainer is due (Trial Included) before the new attorney is willing to step in. If funding is not met, I am subject to a possible lengthy year sentence and I HAVE NO CRIMINAL RECORD. 
Honestly, I've done many good deeds throughout my life helping others and now I need help. I've raised my daughter who is over 21, as a single parent & have a 3 year old grandson. They both need me very much. I am at risk of losing everything if I dont get proper representation. I have sole financial responsibilty as head of household. If I am placed in jail, I will lose everything. My family, apartment, job, everything that it took years to build, including myself GONE. I cannot bear to go to such a horrific place that is meant for criminals not a lady of my standards. I've worked in the church for many years helping others too. Fundraising, feeding/clothing the homeless, visiting convalescent homes comforting the elders, donated money to feed villages in africa, supported my bishop & church mother, and a host of other non profit organizations and businesses within the community. I have one of the biggest hearts, independent and self sufficient, but have no extra money or mental strength to fight this alone anymore. This tribulation and burden is very hard on me mentally and physically. Its been very difficult for me to ask this of you friends, family and those that are concerned, but I need your HELP QUICKLY. 
Its of great urgency that I retain new counsel right away or I am subject to be placed in jail/prison. Can you please contribute to helping me stay out of jail? Every penny counts and your support is greatly appreciated with all my h
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