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Our mission is to help put a stop to abusive litigation, with a focus on felling trademark bullies and patent trolls. Through legal defense work, education, outreach, community building, legislative advocacy, we will rebalance the scales of justice.

Bullying happens when one party who perceives that they have more power than another uses that power to quash, rather than elevate, their neighbors.

In the justice system, bullying often takes the form of vexatious legal threats and abusive litigation filings. A corporate bully might, for instance, send a threatening cease-and-desist letter to a competitor, exaggertaing the strength of the bully’s rights in order to intimidate the competitor into surrendering rather than facing potentially devastating litigation.

Tenuous cease-and-desist letters and meritless lawsuits are often used as a tool to forcefully and wrongfully extract payments, or to financially exhaust and deter competitors from launching or furthering their ventures.

We founded our law firm, Bricolage Law, in large part to ensure that small businesses have access to justice, and that the justice system as a whole promotes fairness and opportunity for all, rather than only those with ample enough resources.

So far, we have helped dozens of small businesses fight and win David vs. Goliath-type battles against multinational corporations such as Monster Energy Company and Nautica Apparel. 

We want to continue, and we want to help as much as we can. Your contribution helps us create a leal defense fund for victims of litigation bullying, so that we can provide the highest-quality legal counsel at subsidized, or, ideally, no cost. 

To read about some of our work, click below. Thank you for your support!




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