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UPDATE: Fundrazr shut down my first campaign. There we raised almost $3,000 in just a few days. Let's keep it going here until we get shut down again. The previously donated money was collected and will go directly to legal expenses and nothing else. THANK YOU!!

What Happened?

Hi - I'm Jack Murphy.

This week, Antifa decided they wanted to ruin my life through fascist deceit and doxxing.

Washington, DC Antifa leader Lacy MacAuley posted a series of lies on twitter and tagged my employer with the specific intent of committing social murder.

Now, I've been suspended from my job and my termination is imminent.

MacAuley didn't even bother to read anything I've ever written, her only desire was to ruin my reputation, to shame me, and turn the world against me...all for something she thought she read on the internet!

While this hurts me personally, I am not the only victim. Countless others have been targeted and destroyed simply for having different political views.

This scourge is McCarthyism hysteria recreated in the 21st century.

Antifa thinks they can bully us all into silence, but today they've messed with the wrong man.

I am not going away. I will not bend to the fascism of modern politics.

I will not submit to the thought police of 2018.


This is bigger than just my case. We must unite to fight back against the entire leftist machine, the machine which wants to see your life in tatters, your bank account empty, and your future bleak.

Stand with me and let's prevent this from happening again.

Let's show Lacy MacAuley and other would-be doxxers, harassers, stalkers, and liars that there are real-life consequences to their shameful behavior.

This is a real chance to make a statement.

My case will be national news. The ACLU as already defended my right to free speech. The government cannot stop people from having different opinions.

And ANTIFA deserves a (legal) punch in the mouth.

Join me NOW

Donate to my legal defense fund today!

This money will be used to file a defamation lawsuit against ANTIFA member, Lacy MacAuley and those who spread the malicious lies online.

This is a crucial moment, we can stand strong and fight back - or we can bend the knee and invite more persecution - which do you want? Join me and help create the future we all deserve.


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