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On a summer evening 17 years ago Shaun’s life was turned upside down. While watching TV in the living room of his parents house. Police came to the door with a warrant for his arrest. This was the day that everyday things could no longer be taken for granted. He was accused of giving drinks tainted with a drug that would make someone pass out to 3 teenage girls while watching a movie in my parents living room. Then after they passed out proceeded to carry or drag all 3 down to the basement and then rape them.

There are so many things that conflict with this flimsy story. First and foremost my brother was a non aggressive person and would never think of slipping any kind of a drug into someone’s drink. He was a little slow academically and too trustworthy of people who took advantage of him. What Shaun says happened is that one of the 3 girls came to him at my parents house crying that she had been raped by her boyfriend and that she needed help. Shaun being too trustworthy decided to help her. A few days later at night the 3 girls did come over and watch a movie with Shaun in my parents living room. They watched the movie and then after they went home. I was at work at the time working 3rd shift my parents were sleeping upstairs in their bedroom and my two youngest brothers were asleep in their room which was in the basement. Now it’s extremely difficult for me to believe but not just because he’s my brother. But doing all this by himself in one setting with 3 girls? Carrying or dragging them all down to the basement would have been difficult for a guy that was about 6’3” and about 140 lbs. He was definitely not strong enough to do this. The stairway to the basement was very narrow and had hard rigid steps. One of the 3 girls weighed over 200 lbs. so there was no way he was getting her and 2 other limp bodies down those steps. And to add to that my two youngest brothers were asleep in that very same basement. How is someone going to rape 3 girls in front their two younger siblings? All 3 of my brothers said this didn’t happen and one of my brothers was up with Shaun until the girls left. Shaun and one of my other younger brothers said the girls came back the next morning around 8:00 am. Why would a person come back to someone’s house the next morning after they were raped. This farce or whatever you would like to call it was reported several months after they said it happened. The police asked the girls why did they wait so long to report it. The girls said they were afraid that their fathers would beat Shaun up. Now I don’t know about you but if I was raped, I sure would want that person to beaten within an inch of their life. The police never interviewed my brothers about what really happened that night. To top it off there was no physical or dna evidence found at all!

I think that these girls didn’t mean for it go this far but after their parents and the police got involved they probably felt that they couldn’t back out. But one of the 3 girls did back out of prosecuting Shaun for reasons unknown. So two out of the 3 girls stuck it out to the end when Shaun was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

The damage this has done to Shaun’s mental state is the worst of it. He suffers from clinical depression from a mental breakdown. The assaults and abuse that he’s gone through are more horrible than I could imagine. He’s been stabbed sexually assaulted and beaten half to death in prison. I don’t know how Shaun has made it this far. He has a toughness that I never knew he had. The one thing that Shaun or anyone that has been wrongfully convicted can never get back is time. He’s missed so much, 17 birthdays, Christmas holidays the birth of his daughter nieces nephews and the most important the death of his father. At this point he’s lucky to be alive. I don’t know how much longer he’ll be able to hang on.

A lot of people failed Shaun including myself. But mostly the justice system the police detectives district attorney and the Judge that oversaw his bench trial. If they had done their job and saw through the lies and flimsy story with no evidence he would have never been convicted. I fear that I may have waited too long to help him. But I’m not going to give up helping him.

Please if anyone in Philadelphia or surrounding areas has any information about my brother’s innocence contact me ASAP at justiceforshaunmoore@gmail.com . Just put yourself in his family’s shoes. What if this was your brother son father or husband

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