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Hello everyone, it is with great frustration, I come to ask for support for my mother, who is struggling to regain custody of my 6 year old brother.

Hello Everyone!

My name is Alicia Taylor and I am here to share a story about a mother that deserves a happy ending.

A mother who's overcome many hardships, put her kids before herself since she was 14, and worked to give them a life of fun and happiness is finally free of a toxic relationship and is looking to regain custody of her 6 year old son, the love of her life. 

Amy became a mother at the age of 14, with me her, first child. I am 25 and have been given everything a daughter could ask for. She is my best friend and has been the best example of what a mother should be; kind, selfless, and most importantly, strong. 

Being that young and rapidly becoming an adult and parenting a child seems impossible. But with the help of supportive family members, and the drive of an incomparable love for a child, her and I had a great life. 

Things got messy when my mother and my step father became a teenage married unit. Things were mostly good, but being that they were only the ripe age of 18, there were a lot of stuggles to be dealt with ahead of them. 

We were us, a threesome, up until 6th grade when we expected a new baby, a sibling. This pregnancy became complicated when we found out that this baby, was in fact two, but they were conjoined. Conjoined twins? You mean, like the ones you see on TLC reality shows? Yeah, they were not going to survive, but Mom decided to continue the pregnancy. She went full term with them and we greatfully got 1 short hour with Korbin and Cole, and they passed away in our arms. It was hard on everyone. 

Long story short, my step dad left us, came back, and years go by and my mom reluctantly becomes pregnant again. This time I was 18 when Kaeden was born. And it was the best day of all our lives. Finally something amazing and pure, filled with love, maybe this would heal our family. 

Kaeden isn't breathing, he won't wake up, why is this happening? 

He was only 4 weeks old we find out my newborn brother has a heart defect and has to get heart surgery. Another hardship. He gets his surgery, and after spending days at Childrens Hospital and countless check-ups and follow up surgeries,and the grace of God, he heals immaculately and we go on with our lives. Loving and watching him grow into the coolest kid you will ever meet. 

The next part I won't get into but let's just say my stepfather violated me, as an unconscious 21 year old. 

I move away, to my family who helped raise me, my grandparents. 

Now knowing all of this, knowing how women and mothers are, what person wouldn't be broken for their children? Who wouldn't after 20 years and forgoing having a childhood of their own wouldn't be in an unfathamable amount of pain? How would you handle depression like that? 

My mother lost my brother to my step father who left her for another woman with 3 children. He didn't nurture or support or help mend any of these hardships, lived by everyone. And now she is struggling to regain custody and to regain her life. She has successfully attained a part time job and lives in a home with the support of other women who have gone through tough times and understand, love and support her like family.

We are asking for your help to fund a lawyer so she can get continue to raise my brother and give him the happy, healthy life he deserves. Thank you for taking the time to listen and read this story. Anything helps and God bless!

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