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Ma de Lourdes came to the United States in May 2016 with her six young children, as well as more than ten other family members. They presented themselves at the border, seeking asylum as they were fleeing persecution. Her brother and her brother-in-law had already been killed in Mexico. She and her family had received numerous threats that they would be next.


Her partner, Salvador, the father of her children, initially stayed behind, working to make sure they were able to get to the United States. After continued threats on his life, he tried to make his way to the United States to join his family and also seek asylum. Border officials illegally turned him away from the border two times, denying him his right to seek asylum. He was finally able to enter and passed his credible fear interview, which indicates that he has a credible fear of persecution in the Mexico and should be allowed to apply for asylum.  However, he is currently detained in a detention facility in California, far away from his family and his attorney.


Salvador was granted a bond of $2,000 (one of the lowest bond amounts currently given to detained immigrants), but his family has no way of paying the bond. Ma de Lourdes, his children, and many other extended family members are all here together in the United States seeking asylum. They have no U.S. relatives who can help them and no other U.S. support. They are not even able to use a bond company to pay the bond because the bond companies require an initial payment that is more than Ma de Lourdes can make, and they require collateral (a house, a credit card, etc.) to secure the rest. As a recent arrival who is seeking asylum but not yet able to work, Ma de Lourdes has none of these things.


This system is unjust and dehumanizing. Ma de Lourdes and Salvador and their family came here seeking asylum because their lives were in danger. There is no reason that Salvador should be detained. He should be released so that he can reunite with his family, work to support them, and communicate with his attorney about his asylum case. However, he will not be released until the bond is paid.


If you are willing to donate even a small amount—$20—to this bond fund to get Salvador released, it would mean the world to this family.  Thank you for your support.


Note: At the conclusion of Salvador’s immigration court proceedings, the bond money will be returned assuming that Salvador either wins his case or complies with whatever order the judge issues. Once the money is returned, it will be re-donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a fund which pays immigration bonds for detained immigrants in removal proceedings. Any excess collected will also be donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

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