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There Is No Equal Justice Unless You Are Wealthy
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What if you were arrested and faced serious felony charges for crimes you did not commit? What if you knew you needed an expert criminal defense attorney but couldn't afford one? Wouldn't you wish with all your heart that you or your family were wealthy enough to pay the high fees of an expert criminal defense attorney to protect your innocence; one with years of experience successfully defending clients from the specific charges you are facing? Tragically, this is the nightmare in which my brother now exists.

My brother was arrested on January 5th, 2018, and remains in jail due to the unbelievably high bail. His nightmare is now one which our family and friends inhabit. We live in a constant state of anxiety knowing that without serious money to hire an expert criminal defense attorney, he may lose his life. Presently his life is in the hands of the public defender assigned to represent him. Unfortunately, like many public defenders, my brother's admits to carrying a heavy caseload. Because of this, we are worried he may not have the time or capacity, as a one-man practice, to adequately defend my brother. Another concern is he has only worked as a criminal defense attorney for two years and has no experience defending the serious charges filed against my brother. If you were my brother, how confident would you feel being represented by this public defender?

The tragedy of our American judicial system is that if you have little or no money, there will be no equal justice for you.

If you knew my brother, you would know he is kind and loving, patient and generous, and a compassionate and empathetic man. He is a devoted father of five, two in their twenties, twins that will soon turn eighteen, and one aged fifteen – and they are all respectful and loving individuals. I and others have witnessed both the love my brother has for his kids and that they have for him.

Over the last five years, my brother established a small business that has served to improve the quality of life of many people in his community. He became well-respected for his work, his professionalism and the compassion he has for clients. It is because of these factors that many people are willing to stand by his side in spite of accusations that are beyond belief.

Those of us who know the accuser and their manipulative cohort, recognize where the false accusations originate: anger and envy, greed and jealousy, bribery, coercion and a misperception of love. Most troubling is that the only evidence the district attorney possesses is hearsay yet, it has the power to destroy my brother's life.

My brother's preliminary examination hearing will take place on Wednesday, February 21st, and short of a miracle the case will go to trial. It will be a trial he cannot afford to lose.

We are in desperate need of raising enough money to hire an expert criminal defense attorney with the experience to secure my brother's freedom. The attorney we hope to retain is expensive, with a retainer fee of $50,000 + expenses, and should the case go to trial, the costs per day are $4,000+. If you have managed to read this far, you probably understand how unfair our judicial system is for those with no money. I hope you will consider contributing to my brother’s legal defense fund. Together – we can save his life.

On behalf of our family and friends, and my brother, I thank you for your time and consideration and especially for your empathy and generosity.

I wish you Peace,
Ed Cruz

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