A Father's Custody Battle
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What has happened to me and my child over the past 6 years is so contrary to law and I pray that I may find the help I'm seeking to take this case to the United State Federal Court of appeals and would expect an outcome


 I'm a single father who has been entrenched within the Family Court System for almost six years now. If you're a single father who has gone through this or going through it now, I sympathize with you. I'm sorry for the loss you've experienced in your life as well. What they took from us is sacred to us as father's as it is just as equally to our child.

It is those moments that we wish we were there for. It is the torment that the mother of our children bestows upon us by alienating us from our kids. They take the time that we will never get back. We must put an end to this once and for all and that requires us to fight for what is right. I truly feel that my quest to solve my case is not just for my sake, but for the sake of anyone else who finds them faced with these issues in our current legal system.

Please help me put a stop to this. I need to see my child again.

Current Situation

Five years ago I moved to San Antonio  after going through highly contentious divorce/custody battle which left my life in shambles. After spending 50K in legal fees and 1.5 years of my time protecting myself against false accusations in Washington State, the court granted my ex-wife the right to re-locate to Texas. I ended up moving just so I could remain a significant part of my child’s life. Over these last 5 years she and her family have filed false CPS reports, violated court orders, withheld my child from me, and have brainwashed my child into thinking that daddy just doesn’t want to be there for her.

In this current debacle, my ex-wife has colluded with a spiteful ex employee I had been managing in my job and filed yet another false CPS report. This is a 51 year old careless woman who turned hostile because I refused to pursuing a relationship with her. She knew I was in the middle of fighting a new modification case that my ex-wife’s attorney started several months ago as a pro-se litigant. Although CPS has dropped their case, the mother of my child is yet again withholding my daughter from me against court order. The last attorney I was referred to by Legal Shield required I pay her a retainer fee of $3,750 and after that she refused to return a single phone call. She abandoned my case and several months later sent me a bill for $3,750.

At this point I need to hire really good attorney to help put an end to all of this once and for all. I have not been able to see my child for several weeks now and I’m not even sure where my child is at this point. If I can raise enough money to hire a Family Law Attorney again, my ex will likely be going to jail over this. If the family courts fail to reprimand her again, I would like to file a Civil Tort for wrongful interference with child custody, slander, libel, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. With your help I can do this and more then likely I will win!

My Story

I grew up in Southern California where I lived for 18 years of my life. After high school, I relocated to Washington with my family where I helped them run a family owned the business before venturing off on my own to began a career in the mortgage business at just 20 years old. I purchased my first home two years later and maintained it for 10 years. Ever since I was a little kid, I had always envisioned myself working hard and to one day marry a woman to start a family with. I always had the dream to give my children the loving family life that I was blessed to enjoy growing up as a kid. In 2008 I was promoted to a management position in Phoenix Arizona. There I met a girl who I once knew to be the woman of my dreams. We have got married after 3 years of dating and she became pregnant. 

About Us


I was the happiest man alive to learn that I was going to be a father and I was devoted to giving my family everything I had to make a good life for my family. After getting married we moved to Washington and moved to the home that I still owned there. In that first year of marriage, things between my wife and I became rocky. While she was pregnant, I was working full time and paying for her to attend college. I was also working on several house projects to get the home ready for our child who would soon be born. During her pregnancy, my wife began feeling depressed and isolated from her family who lived in San Antonio. I knew we had problems in our marriage but I also knew I was doing everything I could make things work for our new family. On the morning of May 25th, 2012 I was scheduled to attend an interview for a job. When I arrived home to deliver the good news, they were gone.


It wasn’t until 5 days later that I was subpoenaed with court papers. It was at that moment I read what happened. Instead of going about our divorce in an amicable manner, she and her mother who was visiting us from San Antonio initiated their case via an ex-parte hearing in King County Civil Court. They made false accusations of domestic violence and claimed that their lives would be in danger if they were not granted the right to flee the state immediately. Without any evidence or even a single police report, a King County Judge issued them a temporary order authorizing them right to leave the state with my child.

"The Justice Department found that 41% of parental abductions occurred before the marital relationship ended. Id. at 8. 7."

Article: Tort Recovery For Intentional Interference With Custodial Rights


During the initial stages our case, the opposing counsel was attorney Amanda DuBois. In their statement to the court, they were requesting that I be evaluated by a man named Douglas Bartholomew. After researching this man I quickly realized my wife was not being honest about her interest in saving our marriage. She was trying to set me up for failure at the recommendation of her attorney Miss DuBois.


What I found was that Bartholomew was regarded by the court as an "expert" in the area of DV. He provided many evaluations for cases in King County. Over a 20 year span and during that time this man destroyed the lives of many fathers and their rights to their children.


The most alarming article we found talked about how Bartholomew, when questioned on the stand in a recent case, admits to never evaluating a man who does not need DV Treatment.


Followed by several others:

I would later find that my hunch about Bartholomew was correct. After my attorney stated my concerns about him in court, I agreed to complete two separate DV Evaluations. One evaluator chose by the court, and one I voluntarily obtained on my own. By the end, both findings concluded the same. No DV Occurred.


After my case was dropped, published in the Seattle Weekly newspaper read...

"Mental Health Counselor Douglas Bartholomew Stripped of Domestic Violence Cases"

See Article: http://archive.seattleweekly.com/news/942439-129/lawcourts


That's when I knew I had some pretty damning evidence to support that Attorney DuBois had intentionally tried to interfere with my parental rights to my child. She knew that if she could get me to be evaluated by Bartholomew, I would inevitably be found guilty of DV. As you can hear in testimony from my case, my attorney suggested that she was “Judge Shopping”. Commissioner Ponomarchuk followed by angrily voicing his opinion about DuBois’s repeated history in his story about “the boy who cried wolf”. Yet despite all of this, the court still allowed this case to continue, and it ultimately dictated the outcome in favor of the mother to move to Texas.

As a result of several extensions and unnecessary delays, I was wrongfully separated from my daughter for 5 months in the initial stages of our divorce. After the DV case got delayed yet again, she was required to fly up from San Antonio to Seattle several times in the months preceding towards our divorce. The judge required that I be giving residential time with my daughter in Seattle.

This time in her life was truly heartbreaking to experience. I hated seeing my child have to fly back in fourth, yet even with the little time I had with my daughter back then, her mother and maternal grandmother still continue to torment me and my baby.


During my first weekend visit with her during this time, she and her mother left my daughter with me at my home. The then preceded to violate their own temporary restraining order by remain parked down the street from my house in the blazing heat for 8 hours. They called the police on me when I took my child to church. The cops agreed with me and the orders written by the judge, yet the next day they refused to give me my child unless I agreed to pay for a supervised visit even though the judge did not require supervised visits. They would later be yelled at in court by Commissioner Ponomarchuk for pulling this stunt as well. This drug on and on for 1.5 years of my child's life and it destroyed me along the way.


The entire DV case and divorced in Washington State cost my family and me over $50,000 to protect my rights to my child. In the end, it was proven that domestic violence never occurred and they dropped their case. We were then transferred to Family Court to begin divorce proceedings. Despite spending all that time and money to have my child returned to Washington, she was quickly granted the right to formally relocate with our daughter. As the judges ruling states, motion to relocate with the child is granted,

“due to the 5 month’s that the father was not been in the child’s life”


In essence, she and her mother had effectively gotten away scot-free with Interstate Child Abduction. It was carried out by means of false accusations that were strategically crafted to work within a failed legal system. Despite her attorney being called out on this in court for having a history of “judge shopping”and “manipulating the court process” the outcome of this case still ended the way they wanted it to.  


At this point I’m sure you can understand why I can say I’m tired. The stress of the first case alone was enough to cripple the human body. But on top of that, my neck hurts every day from two herniated disks that were caused by a hit and run accident that happened shortly after they filed this recent modification case.  I feel physically and emotionally exhausted from years of being in a consistent state of emotional distress at the mercy of these people. The worst part now is that I miss my daughter who I know loves me dearly and is wondering why her daddy is not there. Over the years her mother has trained her to think that daddy work is more important and is too busy for her.  This is Parental Alienation at its finest. It is causing  my child hand and I need it to stop.I know that I cannot do this on my own anymore. I have sought help from every legal aid resource I could find yet nobody seems to be willing to help unless I pay him or her money that I do not have anymore.


The last attorney I was referred to by Legal Shield required I pay her a retainer fee of $3,750 and after that she refused to return a single phone call. She abandoned my case and several months later sent me a bill for $3,750. I’m now trying to work with the Bar Association to get that money back. This is not the first time she's done this, as you can see from other's who posted similar reviews on Avvo.

Why I'm Raising This Money

Your contribution towards this cause will be used to bring several people to justice for interfering with my parental rights. I intend to seek primary residential custody of my daughter because my child deserves to be with the parent who missions in life is not to remove the other parent from her life. With proper funding for my case and the right legal team, this case has the potential to make a groundbreaking impact in the fight for fathers rights in our country.

Interstate child abduction is one of the worst things that can happen to a child if the other parent could not just up and move like I did. Far too often, kids are being taken away from loving fathers who they need and desire in their lives.This sort of thing has continued to destroy the lives of men like me for far too many years, and some have unfortunately taken their own lives as a result of things like this.

I consider myself lucky that god has given me the strength continue on as long as I have. I know that I made the right choice to follow my child but if I don’t find a way to raise this money, I feel that I may have no choice but throw up my arms and walk away. I really don’t want to do that but the mother of my child continues to violate court orders and she continues to gets away it as she is backed by a seemingly endless supply of money from her parents. I know I am only one out of many who have experienced these things in life. But with your help, I will promise to stay committed to taking this case as far as I have to and prevail in my cause to bring radical reform to a system that is truly harming our children.

Thank you for your generous contribution to helping me seek justice for my daughter.

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