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Raising funds to hire attorney for my brother who was falsely accused and sentenced to 70 years in prison with no evidence.

Dear family and friends,

May I begin with sincere gratitude for all of your continued prayers and support for my brother, Francisco Salazar. Last Friday, the attorney advised my brothers appeal and motion for new trial was denied by the courts in Conroe. This was not what we had hoped for, so now we must file an appeal to the Appelate Courts in Beaumont which is above the courts in Conroe ($3,500).

Most of you know his story, but for those who don’t on July 27, 2011 he was falsely accused and sentenced to 70 years in prison with no evidence. During that time we patiently waited for two years for any status of his appeal. June 27, 2013, I contacted the court to find out if the court records had been transcribed I also asked how I would go about finding out about his appeal status. It was then that I was told an appeal was never filed. I contacted the attorney immediately - he was not available. I showed up at his office again he wasn't available. After sending a certified letter, I was contacted and he advised an appeal was filed. It turned out that it was then that he actually filed and it was denied. The first time because it was filed in the wrong court. Then another time it was denied because it was not filed in time. This took over a year. Sept 19, 2014, I contacted the State Board to file a grievance. I gave my brother the necessary information to file this. He had to contact his attorney two times, each time waiting over 30 days to receive a response - both times he was not contacted. It was then they would allow him to file. June 2, 2015 we received notification that the state had opened an investigation on his case. Finally, Frank receives a letter dated, May 27, 2016 (his birthday) from the state board. Their findings revealed significant errors and the attorney that handled the case and would be disciplined.

Meanwhile, I was in search of an appeals attorney to hire to file a writ of habeas corpus. November 2015 I found Franks current attorney. My husband and I hired her to open an investigation to see what options were available for Frank. After raising more funds we were able to hire her in the end of Feb 2016 to file the writ. After several extension from the previous attorney, in Feb 2017 the judge finally is able to review everything to submit to the Texas Criminal Courts of Appeals recommending an appeal. March 22, 2017 the court approves to file an appeal and motion for a new trial. May 26, 2017 appeal and motion for new trial was denied by the courts in Conroe. This is where we are now.

*** Many may want to know "the big picture" with regards to our family's financial burden of this situation. So I am providing the following to explain our goal of $3,500.

1. Writ of habeas corpus $2,500 <-that has been done

2. File for appeal and motion for new trial $15,000 <-that has been done and this is a result of where we are now.

3. File for appeal with the Appellate Courts in Beaumont $3,500 by July 31, 2017

4. Wait 30-45 days the following would be the three possible outcomes: 

            1. New trial $25,000

            2. New punishment phase fee not established yet similar cost of a new trial

            3. Denied

Due to lack of funds he will have a court appointed attorney for any of the above outcomes.

We know that everyone is stretched thin and it may seem like a lot of money but we ask that you prayerful consider making a donation of $25. If just 100 people gave $25 this dream of bringing him home could become a reality. Please know we will accept any donation amount, as every donation is truly appreciated. Please ANY amount will help, if you don't feel comfortable giving online then please message me and I will provide the attorneys information. Because time is crucial in filing these legal matters, we are asking for your help as soon as possible.

I have called and left messages with several offices here in Houston for legal assistance. Unfortunately, many of the do not assist in criminal cases unless it is the death penalty. The Innocence Program is allowing us to submit an application. In six weeks they will let us know if they can help. Until then they suggest that we continue with filing the appeal as they do not handle that part. If you know of any legal office that could help please let me know so I can contact them.

We are willing to have any kind of fundraising, if you are able to help us and suggest an idea. My cousins and I are working on a raffle and/or benefit dinner in our hometown in Victoria, Texas. My family are selling various items that we will post in the updates. If you have an item to donate for the raffle please message me.

I believe in the power of prayer and miracles. If you cannot give a monetary donation then please, please share this with someone who can. My brother has missed so many important moments in his children's life while in prison and we have missed him being there to share these with him. I have to at least try to bring him home. Please know this is not just for him but for his children as well. The following is a plea from one of his daughters, Kayla:

"Please understand I’m not very good at this. However, my family and I need help to free my dad. He was wrongfully accused by my sister of molesting her. I never could wrap my head around it in the first place. However, I believe my dad has done nothing wrong. My sister was young and did not understand the damage it would put us through. My brothers and I along with my youngest sister have lost the most important person in our lives. My brothers wishing to have him back and my younger sister not knowing him at all hurts me. I myself have had some struggles. With him my young siblings almost looked every day to get some reasons he will get out of prison soon. However, 40 years to life in prison is not easily explained. We have found an attorney who can help us get him out, all we need now is that small push. We are so close. I have prayed to the Lord to stop this nightmare and it is almost over. Please help get my dad out. If not for him or me for my little sister. He did so much for us and she was too little to know, so please for my little sister."

Thanks again, Gods continued blessing for all of you and your families.

The Kananen Family

(The photo is of him and three of his children when they were able to see him for the first time in over five years.)


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