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We are a family of three, and most of our friends come into our lives through Gabrielle, as a result of her outsized and friendly personality. She is a capable junior sailor who has been sailing single-handed in the bay since she was 8. Most of our friends have only recently discovered that Gabrielle was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD last summer at age 12.

The Sausalito Marin City School District failed to properly assess her when it should have, failed to address her learning differences when it finally did assess her and allowed her to languish grade levels behind her peers for four years. During that time, we patiently waded through red tape, and Gabrielle developed excellent coping skills that couldn't keep up as demands grew. Finally we had to admit they couldn't teach her. We're fighting for her future!

Our daughter got a lot of what she needs for the first time, from Lindamood-Bell, a private evidence-based dyslexia program we went into debt to pay for last summer. While there, Gabrielle advanced four grade levels in reading – something the school system couldn’t remotely do in three years! We cried with joy to see her reading for sustained periods for the first time, despite four years of ineffective meeting with educational support teams at her schools.

Our family is suing Sausalito Marin City School District for recovery of our funds spent to correct its deficits and for the appropriate ongoing education she deserves under federal and state laws. To plead our case, we need your help!

Why We’re Raising Funds  

Funds will go to legal fees, and our case is strong. Despite the evidence of Gabrielle's progress this past summer, the school district refused to adopt the pertinent model or fund the continuation of what actually did help her. Gabrielle has continued to suffer emotionally as well as academically for the last four years; and other children should not suffer this fate! When we heard in meetings with her educational team that “...she may never be good at reading,” we knew we needed outside help.

To help fund her education, we’re applying for grants, with The Basic Fund, Avery-Fuller-Welch Children’s Foundation, and 100 Black Men Bay Area, among others. Gabrielle still needs remedial support for another year or two to make up for years lost, despite having demonstrated the comprehension of a 12th-grader on professional outside testing this past summer.

Last year the state Attorney General (AG) found the school district has been operating a segregated school, and ordered it to come into compliance with the law. We feel our daughter has been one of the wrongfully ignored black kids.

Problem Known by System and Then Ignored

This is a critical time in shaping Gabrielle’s future. We now know the type of help and environment she needs to flourish. She needs to attend a private school for 8th grade, one which specializes in learning differences – so that she’ll be ready for high school. Gabrielle needs support to cement the recent gains made in reading, and to apply similar methods to math remediation. She advanced more quickly than Lindamood-Bell experts anticipated. We know she can accomplish much more - she's college-bound! Help us to show Gabby that she can take pride in who she is and to know that she is more than capable of being anything she puts her mind to.

When We Need Funds

We have a hearing commencing on April 9th; and the legal bills keep accumulating. If you were to look at the hundreds of pages of supporting documents, you would feel very confident, as we do, that we will prevail.

One helpful factor is the political pressure of the AG’s December 2018 findings of discrimination. If our fundraising is successful, additional funds will be donated to groups working to research dyslexia methodology, and those advocating for fair education.

In addition, to ensure that all students in the district are fairly funded, this week Gaby’s school, Willow Creek Academy, filed a complaint in Marin County Superior Court seeking to hold the District and Marin County Superintendent Mary Jane Burke accountable to their legal duty to serve the best interests of every student in the District.

 The goal we share with the AG and Willow Creek is to receive judicial protection from the proposed draconian cuts and fees, then work with the District to develop a budget that supports all the students in our District. It’s not too late for the District Board to avoid this financial fiasco now by working with us to serve all our community’s kids. We hope that it will do so.

 Every donation makes a difference – even a dollar. 

What More You Can Do to Help 

  • Please share our story with your networks.
  • Please attend the Sausalito Marin City School District board meetings if you are in the area (we’ll post updates of our ongoing efforts to engage the board)

A Wish List

 If you prefer, you may make a donation to Gabrielle’s scholar share account, for funding the education she will need over the next couple of years. Please message us for details.



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