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On April 27th, 2018 in Bismark, North Dakota, Ashley stands trial for her activism in Standing Rock. Ashley needs support for legal defense funds and traveling funds to make it to her trial. If convicted, a single night in jail can be a death sentence. Ashley has a severe form of epilepsy. She will not be able to receive the medicine she needs if sentenced. Jail will not have the proper facilities or resources to help her.


Let me introduce you to my fiance, Ashley. Ashley used to be a farmer in rural Maine where she raised goats, chickens, and made soaps to support her work. She was on the front-line in Standing Rock in the dead of winter with -50' blizzards, day and night, protecting the land and water. She left behind her life behind in New England to support this cause. She did what only a lot of people have thought about doing. Her dedication to something so much larger than her speaks volumes about her character. Ashley's values are uncompromising and her actions prove it through her experiences in activism through the years. Ashley participated in the Occupy movement. She traveled to uprisings in Charlotte and Baltimore to help with jail support. For the Bernie Sanders campaign, she dedicated 9 months of her life extensively volunteering for the Bernie campaign by canvassing, phone banking, and educated people about his platform. In Massachusetts she volunteered for 4 months for the ballot measure to legalize medical cannabis. She volunteered with Altruist Relief Kitchen in Houston, Texas during Hurricane Harvey cooking and distributing thousands of meals a day to those in need and worked as a dispatch for human and animal rescue under the name Green Vegan Machine SAR. In the Thomas and Lilac fires in California she volunteered in the animal shelters and participated in blood drives. Ashley's impact on peoples lives can be felt throughout the country. The front-line and support roles she has been serving as an example for her sense of moral obligation and integrity. A good friend of one of Ashley's many missions said about her that she empowers people to stand up for themselves and others. I love Ashley beyond words and want the absolute best for her.


While in custody,cops from Standing Rock subjected Ashley to multiple instances of police brutality that have been thoroughly noted. She was drug through razor wire sustaining cuts and tears to her skin in numerous parts of her body. She was kept in a small isolated room for hours and was repeatedly denied her medication for seizures. An officer pushed his knee so hard into Ashley's back that it tore her muscle. She was shot with rubber bullets, tear gassed, OC-sprayed, water cannoned in sub-zero conditions, and LRAD'ed. Because of this abuse of power, she has developed severe PTSD and struggles to live without constant fear.


We are raising funds to help Ashley travel to her trial, housing, food and other court related costs. Ashley has special needs due to her epilepsy. With her seizures being stress related, her comfort is extremely important during this time. Thank you to all that have supported her. Any amount is appreciated


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