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September 2016 in Cleveland Tennessee, my husband (Mark Treuchet) was working to provide for his family when  police entered his job site warning all employees to abandon their duties due to an "armed and dangerous fugitive" in the area. The manhunt included 3 counties, SWAT, helicopter, dogs, and drones.... After a few hours, police abandoned their search and the employees were sent back to their job.. Minutes later, the criminal comes out of the woods and heads towards my husband (which was working in an area alone away from the other employees) the fugitive was warned to stop several times (with warning shots) but the fugitive (acting wild) kept coming, For fear of his life, my husband shot the fugitive, which resulted in fatal shot. My husband is a US Navy veteran, he is a permitted gun with no criminal record, a cardiac patient with a pacemaker and 2 metal hips, a loving father of 6, with 2 small children left at home, and a dedicated Christian.. 

Prior to the incident, police observed two men exiting a known drug house, during the traffic stop, police notice guns in the car. Shortly after the traffic stop, the two men rammed the police car leading to a high-speed chase through 3 counties. After crashing into two more police cars the fugitive fled on foot... The driver, which was The Stepfather, was apprehended moments later. The Stepfather was found with weapons and was also a deserter from the Army... He has several charges against him now along with prior charges... The stepson (fugitive and known criminal) took off into nearby Woods placing him near my husband's job site... The police told everyone in the area, along with everyone on the job site that there is an armed and dangerous fugitive on the loose... After the fatality one of the police departments gave a statement saying that his men didn't see him armed as he left the car, which is what the family has been basing their opinion of my husband's actions on... sounds like a police department has some questions that need to be answered .. Like, why would you use all of that money that it takes for helicopters, drones, SWAT, and dogs to chase someone that you didn't think was armed?, and why would you clear an area (putting evryone on edge) for an unarmed man. REGUARDLESS, my husband was protecting himself from an "armed and dangerous fugitive" and now he faces 1st degree murder charges and is currently being held without bond because of the actions of a known criminal... Where is the justice here? It will be found in court.. And now the deceased man's father is sueing my husband and his job... We are a like most other families, living paycheck to paycheck... We ask that you help his family do what they can to get him home and spread awareness... 

This story needs to be made aware to all permitted gun owners... When you protect yourself, be prepared to defend your civil and constitutional rights... 

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