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Please Help our friend heal from domestic violence
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Right now, Nakia is struggling to find his way out of an abusive domestic situation and needs any help that he can get. He is currently raising money to hire a lawyer for the legal battles he is facing. He is thankful for anything you can provide

Nakia Maples is a kind and gentle-hearted South Philadelphia local. The unwavering generosity and love of nature that Nakia puts into the world has helped him become a vital part of our community.

Lovingly known as our “Plant Guy,” he finds absolute joy in sharing his garden with others.

The impact that Nakia has on us is clear. He works hard every single day to practice empathy and patience, and puts nothing but positive energy into our lives. We love and value Nakia deeply, as an individual and a friend, and it’s time for us to band together with him as he works to repair the great damage that was done to his life.

Nakia is on the undeniably powerful and excruciating path of removing himself from an abusive relationship, and immersing himself in that battle has caused him immense grief. He feels pain over the loss of his freedom and the false accusations made against him. Nakia attached himself to someone who attacked him, violated his trust, and dragged him down into their own despair. An eventual physical attack left Nakia wounded with broken ribs.

After a devastating struggle, Nakia believed that he was safe and finally free to heal. Unfortunately, in a last-ditch attempt to save themselves, Nakia’s abuser made false claims that have resulted in unjust reparations against him.

Now, Nakia is asking us to please help raise money for a lawyer that will assist him with his unexpected legal battles. He needs us more than ever on the long and arduous road that is ahead of him.

T hank you so much for taking the time to help Nakia in any way that you can. He cannot begin to convey the amount of gratitude and love he has for the friends and strangers who have come to his aid during such a trying time. He wants you all to know that he cares for you, and is doing his best to remain positive, even when it seems impossible.

Please feel free to reach out to his friends and family with positive messages and advice, and thank you again.

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