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My name is Georgia Forsee. My Cause is this amazing 6-year-old boy named Kodiak.

Any money raised will be going to:

1.) Hiring Mr. Miles Mason.  He is a high conflict attorney in Memphis, TN.  (500.00 an hour for case review)      http://memphisdivorce.com/   

2.) Paying any and all court cost associated with this case. 

3.) Counseling for Kodiak and Myself. 

4.) Recovering of Kodiak's baby pictures from a hard drive that father destroyed. ($2,000.00)

5.) ALL money left over from this court case will go into a college fund for Kodiak. 


I am Pleading for Help as I currently have no other options. I have borrowed over $7,500 just in lawyers fees, and can't keep digging myself in deeper.  On top of all the physical and emotional abuse, the father continues to abuse me in the courtroom by having a high dollar lawyer that only wants to liner her pockets, instead of protecting the child.  During 2010-2013 I invested $10,000 US dollars into his Restaurant where I also worked 60+ hours a week. I did not make a wage during this time. However after fleeing Thailand and moving in with my mother in TN both Kodiak's father & his attorney Melanie Bean told the court I was jobless and homeless. These are both false statements, as I was living with my mother at the time and for the several preceding years had been living and working in the father's restaurant. As well as the entire time I was living with my mother, I was employed and in fact went to work after the morning of the court date in a failed attempt to keep my mind occupied.

Last year I took a leave of absence from my job at Amato's Wholesale Florist in Denver to give my full attention to the case. This was set off by finding out my child's passport was about to expire while he was living in Mexico with his father (meaning he couldn't freely and legally come back to the US). I reported this to my then (2) Attorney's Trudy Bloodworth and Kathy Everette to have nothing done, but this was just the tip of the iceberg. Not even when I reported and provided evidence of various types showing Abandonment, Neglect, Abuse, Contempt, Hacking, Fraud, A pattern of failed (often illegitimate) businesses abandoned with huge sums of money due in back rent, and 20+ years of Tax Evasion. With a literal mountain of evidence in front of them they did nothing, and from all appearances were hardly familiar with the details of the case at all, but were content to keep charging retainers so I fired them. If no one is going to care about the well being of my child (even after being paid to do so) then I will take it into my own hands!

This child's father is allowed to jump from country to country with the minor child; while father attempts to open a restaurant (UTOPIA) and fails (Now 4 times in 2 different countries; soon to be 3 different countries).

Like I said this case is a high profile case & Still, NO ONE IS GETTING IT!   And that leads me to this moment in time where I just have to share my OVERALL TIMELINE WITH THE WORLD and let them see for themselves.  

At this moment I have no option but to go Pro Se.  I know I am too close to this case emotionally, but I have nowhere else to turn. I have already hired 2 attorneys and all it did was dry up resources. I know without an  Attorney to represent Kodiak & I,  I may be doomed to fail, but if going into court Pro Se is the only way my evidence will be heard then....MY VOICE WILL BE HEARD!

I WON'T STOP FIGHTING FOR KODIAK! Unfortunately... that might be my demise.                                                                       Since I fled Thailand Kodiak's father has threatened to kill me on several occasions and even commented on selling me into slavery. The scary thing about a man like this is these threats aren't very far from the realm of possibility, but if my life has to be on the line to protect my son's there is no question that I will continue to put myself in danger.

I will not sit back and be silenced, knowing this sweet boy could turn out to be the 3rd generation of DV abusers in his family. 

 If you would like to read my full TIME-LINE just click the link below, sorry it still needs editing. If you would like more just ask; and I will give full access to my case file. 



I THANK YOU for your time, & THANK YOU in advance for your contributions such as sharing on social media or donations.  

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