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Jamar A. Huggins is a young man who was wrongfully convicted September 17, 2014. Jamar was home with his elderly grandmother at the time of the crime. His family is building a legal defense team and would greatly appreciate any donations to help do so.

My name is DiNedra Smith, I am 1 of 4 sisters Jamar Huggins has. Jamar is from Conway South Carolina. My family and I have been fighting since September 17th 2014 to bring my brother home from a 15 year sentence in a  wrongful convictionYes, we know...everyone says they're innocent right?! Well in this case after reviewing the entire investigation, listening to interviews, going over the motions of discovery, seeing no evidence, nobody identified Jamar as a suspect ( in fact when the co defendent walked into the court room she stopped in front of Jamar and said this isn't him) the description given of the suspects did NOT match that of Jamar's, and last but not least Jamar was home with his elderly grandmother at the time of the crime as he was her caregiver...after reviewing everything anyone can clearly see he's innocent. This investigation was poorly done from start to finish, so many mistakes were made by the investigating officer. Things were not properly done in the court room at his trial and I feel all of these things contributed to this wrongful convictionOver the past couple years we've focused on bringing light to this case and my brother's unfortunate situation in hopes of getting a retrial. Jamar has gained so many supporters and people who wan't to help as his story continues to grow. We have new evidence that can not be discussed at this time but my family and I are building a legal defense team to help exhaust every option Jamar has from a retrial to a of these could potentially be the key to his freedom but as you all know there are legal fees, we've been doing everything on our own but most of these motions are time sensitive and need to be put in as soon as possible. Jamar has a lot of family and friends that miss him dearly and that he misses...but his heart aches for 3 in particular, Jamar has two children that are growing up quickly and miss their father so much, our grandmother who Jamar was the caregiver of is about to be 94 years old and they are everyones strength and motivation to do whatever it takes to bring Jamar home. No matter what Jamar, my family and myself have faith that all is going to work out in his favor. If you find it in your heart to donate we would truly appreciate it no matter the amount!! Thank you for your time!! As I previously mentioned we've done multiple interviews and news coverage to get his story out below are few...please take the time to click on the links added below to see for yourself, this is a real heartbreaking case of  wrongful convictions....


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