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Please Help Justin fight a 42 year unfair sentence
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Please help put our family back together...

At the age of 17 Justin was arrested and unfairly sentenced to 42.5 years. He needs money for an attorney. His family has exhausted all resources to help him. Please donate, like, and share this to everyone you know.

Hello, my name is Joshua Voshell, Justin is my oldest son and I am running this campaign to pay for an attorney, to fight his unfair sentance.

When Justin, was 18 years old he was sentenced to serve 42.5 YEARS in State Prison. WOW, I Know! So you're asking your self who did he murder, RIGHT? He did not murder any one, He was not driving drunk. In fact, he did not injure anyone. He was charged with Armed Robbery.  This happened when he was 17 and he was charged as an adult. He got to spend his 18th birthday in the Duval County Jail. On 4-16-10 He was sentenced along with his co-defendants. And given more than a life sentence.

His Public Defender told him to plead guilty. He was given inadequate representation. But the attorney said the Judge could have given them a chance to get help, education, counseling while doing a few years.

The highest rate of rehabilitation is in people under 25. The average life expectancy of an inmate is around 30 years.  Who could have guessed that he was just going to be thrown away, with no chance of correction?

At 13 his stepfather was arrested for drinking and smoking with him, and was let out of jail in a few weeks. He had no real example of consequences growing up. I am not making excuses for what happened. But there was no way for him to understand that what he was facing would cost him his LIFE. 

After serving 8 Years, he won't learn any more of a lesson by doing more time. And he won't learn anything good by doing more time. He is housed with lifers that have killed people and worse.

Justin wanted to say he is very sorry things got so out of hand. He misses all of his family and friends. He is thankful for any help raising money for an attorney that can get him resentenced. That is the only hope the Judge left him. He has been doing a lot of reading, and writing letters home.  If he wants anything halfway normal to eat he has to BUY it from the canteen when family members can afford to put a few dollars on his account.

His camps are so far from Jax that family members rarely get to visit him. Having done almost 8 years of his sentence  Justin has been able to spend countless hours in the law library studying, and did very well in the High School Program. In 2013 he took and Passed the GED with the highest scores. There are several classes being offered and he is taking as many as he can. He has become a very good artist and he is so smart. And has matured now and is kind hearted.

I want to thank everyone for any donations you can make to hire an attorney. We found someone that handles cases like this and has gotten several kids out. She is familiar with his case but says she has to have her retainer in full by the end of April. Otherwise, Justin will lose his right to a resentencing hearing, and would be stuck there untill he is 59 years old.

I don't want to see that happen to him. So I am asking please donate any amount you can. And help him get a fair sentence that a juvenile would have gotten. I only have a few months to hire this attorney for him. This problem is bigger than I am, I am hoping the crowd is bigger than ANY problem and can help get Justice for Justin. Also please share this link with all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or any other people you think will donate. Thank you!

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