Fired For Being a Woman
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My friend was fired from her job for not being part of the "boys club." She spent her days being undermined, She was harassed and bullied. My friend with her MBA was reduced to"honey" and "dear" and told to run along while the men talk business.

 The abuse and misogynistic behavior that has been displayed by our newly elected leader is quickly trickling down giving permission for others to follow in his sexist footsteps. I have a friend that was fired from her job when a new partner was brought into the business. At first, this new business partner seemed charismatic, but almost immediately revealed his Jekyll & Hyde personality. He told her from day one that he did not want her there and he could not wait to come in and start firing people. Being the only woman in the company he zeroed in on my friend as his target.

My friend is a very educated woman with an MBA. On repeated occasions this new business partner took opportunities to belittle her abilities. He gradually took over all her assigned duties stripping her of her Project Manager status and advised that my friend should just be content with being the office secretary. My friend was well on her way to becoming the COO of the company let the CEO. Satisfied with his misogynistic self, this man continually would address my friend in a condescending manner, referring to her as “Dear” and “Honey”. This behavior continued even after she corrected him and asked him to call her by her name.

This new business partner pursued this path of abuse on a routine basis in an attempt to break her down-piece by piece. Repeatedly, my friend would express her concerns about this behavior and the inappropriate language that this new business partner would use to her boss, only to be dismissed or ignored. My friend quickly came to the conclusion that this new business partner was trying to remove her from the business with his continued actions and abusive behaviors.

This man demonstrated over and over he did not respect my friend or her time. Frequently he would schedule meetings and never show up. He would markedly treat her differently from the men in workplace allowing men various liberties and setting the example that such behavior was tolerable in the workplace. On several occasions, this new business partner would blatantly ignore my friend’s ideas and other contributions that were brought to the table in order to benefit the overall efficiency of the company. He refused to listen to my friend’s suggestions as it would appear to be taking direction by a woman. It became clear that the two bosses now where having meetings without her and not giving her information needed to do her job. He then decided his new job was to degrade her at every turn.

This new business partner seemed to enjoy his sense of empowerment and superiority-so much so that it became his sole focus. No longer was he concerned with the advancing the company, but laser focused on continually undermining my friend’s work and confidence. What made the situation truly unbearable for my friend is his constant threats that he was going to fire her. Despite this, my friend repeatedly demonstrated her loyalty and commitment to the company. They didn't pay her for 3 weeks straight yet she came into work every single day, stressed but loyal  

When her mother became ill she took 2 weeks time off work. When she did come back to work, my friend found that she no longer had any of the same responsibilities she had prior to her departure. When my friend questioned why this had happened neither boss would give her a straight answer. My friend was once a key player in a rising company and was now being treated as if she no longer belonged. Understandably disturbed by this new development, my friend expressed her concern to her boss only to be met by the new business partner acting in an extremely unprofessional manner. He began screaming expletives at her and informed her to get her stuff and get out. Shocked, confused, and hurt she turned to her boss, a friend for help who refused to look at her. My friend felt she had no other recourse but to remove herself from the situation-gathered her things and was then informed she could pick up her final check on the following Friday and she was welcomed to file unemployment.

Once home she sent messages to family telling them what happened. Later that evening she received and email with a screenshot of all her private emails from her private account to her family from her boss saying he would take this as her resignation and he would not pay her for her last two weeks unless she signed a document saying she resigned. Well of course my friend refused and he continued to bully her telling her she had to sign it as well as a release for saying no legal action could be taken. Again she refused and she never received her final pay. She has since contacted an attorney who said she has a very strong case and wants to help her but the retainer fee is more than she can handle right now. With parents on a fixed income, being fired and not receiving her pay, there is no way to stand up to this bully.

Having dedicated herself to a company she once felt quite passionate about, my friend has been betrayed and wronged. She has been forced to endure repeated verbal abuse, violations of trust and privacy, and made to feel inferior by mere fact of her gender. No one should ever feel belittled in their profession. That is when we found Funded Justice and this may just be her saving grace. Please help us raise the funds for her attorney fees. Please help us stand up to this bully and show him he cannot get away this.

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