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A great man was falsely accused and wrongly convicted. Read Dr. Foad Afshar's story and judge for yourself. His life story is inspiring, and the injustice done to him tragic. Learn about the energized and hopeful campaign to save him.

Dr. Foad Afshar is a remarkable man - a “refugee of the heart” on many levels. His backstory as a 17 year-old escaping the oppressive regime of the new Ayatolloah. His emigration from Iran to America was funded by his family who knew that his open heart and mind would not be tolerated in his home country.

Simply put, Foad is a natural born healer of hearts and minds. To fulfill his dream of becoming a psychotherapist upon arriving in America, he learned English, completed his high school and college degrees, earned a Master’s at Harvard, and later a Doctorate of Psychology from California Coast University . Throughout his career, he treated countless children, teenagers, and their families; in the public schools, a rehab facility, and private practice. He has been married for 29 years and raised 3 wonderful children. Foad was elected president of the New Hampshire Psychological Association and was a much beloved professor of psychology and philosophy at the NH Institute of Art. Throughout his unblemished career, Foad epitomized selfless devotion to the welfare of others, earning the highest esteem of his patients, colleagues, students, and others fortunate to know him. Find details about the dubious case against him, the flawed trial, and the tragic injustice that befell him. The good news is that there’s real hope for justice now, though he needs our collective help.

Case Synopsis  I n his final 5 months before retirement, a troubled 12 year-old boy accused Foad of fondling his genitals at the end of his therapy session. This incident allegedly occured while the boy’s father was right outside the office door, and the boy denying that Dr. Afshar neither threatened nor instructed him to keep silent.

In the state of New Hampshire, the law does not require any corroborating evidence to convict someone of aggravated felonious sexual assault. Law enforcement searches of his records and computer, followed by interviews with former patients, not a trace of evidence was found to support the accusation. Foad passed two lie detector tests which were inadmissible in court. Despite the saturation of stories in newspapers and television, no other client(s) came forward to report any instance of mistreatment by Foad (defying the prosecution's predictions). After a grueling trial, a guilty verdict was reached because a tainted jury took the boy’s word over his own.

Foad is presently serving a 3-6 year sentence in a medium/minimum prison in Gardner, MA. He has a vast network of committed supporters helping him fight for justice. At his sentencing hearing, the judge declared that in her 30 year legal career, she had never seen a courtroom packed by so many supporters of the convicted. You can view the scene here.

Attorney Ted Lothstein, Foad’s new and highly capable counsel, discovered that 2 of the impaneled jurors failed to disclose that they had been victims of child sexual abuse also, whereas every other prospective juror who disclosed such a history was automatically dismissed from serving. These 2 jurors only revealed their abuse histories during the jury deliberations, swaying 2 other undecided jurors to join the majority in rendering a guilty verdict ( news story here). This discovery, as well as ample evidence that he received ineffective assistance of counsel during the trial, provides the basis for a retrial motion, while other arguments have been submitted for an appeal to the state supreme court.

Read the testimonials of Foad’s past patients, colleagues, and students about the man they know so well. Explore the extensive media coverage of the case. Learn about the efforts of a newly elected Republican representative, who was inspired by Foad's case, to amend the law by requiring corroborating evidence for a conviction, just as every other felony crime requires.

Based upon the evidence coming to light from the original trial, Foad stands a very real chance of receiving a new trial and being found not guilty of the charge against him. To do this, he needs the support of others. After his own family savings and home were sacrificed for his initial legal expenses, he now relies on the contributions of those who believe in his innocence. Even after he is freed from prison, the loss of his license will hinder his ability to pay off mounting legal debts. Click here to learn how contact him and/or make a contribution.

After Foad Afshar devoted his whole life to the healing and educating of others, he is now needing our continuing help. Please consider offering any form of support you can for this worthy man, even if only in the form of a letter.

Thank you for working with us to seek justice for this refugee of the heart.

Michael R. Kandle, Psy.D.

Durham, NH

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