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Free speech and gun rights have been under attack at the Austin capitol for several years. While activists were protesting for their right to keep and bear arms peacefully and legally, Region VII DPS troopers were doing everything possible to stop them. When they could no longer charge law abiding citizens with "disorderly conduct" for carrying holstered black powder revolvers, they switched to false charges of "criminal trespass" despite being on public property and breaking no laws.
When the activists decided to switch their efforts to carrying holstered TOY handguns, DPS again issued unlawful and unconstitutional "trespass" notices and arrested activists who refused to voluntarily have their rights violated. Charges in EVERY.SINGLE.CASE were dropped for lack of evidence (because no crime was committed). However, nine law abiding citizens still found themselves imprisoned and stripped of clothing and possessions until they had the money to bail themselves out of jail for a crime they didn't commit.
So, we did the only thing that could be done - we sued. However, United States District Judge Sam Sparks granted the officers "qualified immunity" and threw out the cases of all nine activists - including the three who were arrested for carrying a toy in a holster!
If this ruling isn't challenged, our constitutionally-protected rights mean nothing anymore and ANYONE can be arrested for refusing to leave public property just because a law enforcement officer doesn't like your message or agree with your issue. There will be no accountability and no limit to innocent citizens being thrown into jail on a whim.
Thankfully, we don't need much. We have a great civil rights attorney that is helping us pro-bono, but appealing to the 5th Circuit in Louisiana does have costs associated with it. We are raising $2500 solely to pay for filing fees, document reproductions, and legal staff to serve the papers in Louisiana. This isn't a lot to ask to get caselaw that will potentially effect tens of thousands of people. We get nothing out of this; we just want justice.
Every penny raised will go to our attorney, Millie Thompson, out of Austin, Texas. Plaintiffs in this case are Chris Grisham, Terry Holcomb Sr, Joseph Walker, AJ Postell, Travis Kuenstler, Scott Smith, and Jacob Cordova. The cause # is A-15-CA-00748-SS out of Austin. Most of these men are veterans and one is a pastor. 
No one should be arrested for lawfully and peacefully exercising their 1st and 2nd amendment rights! However, without your help in this fight, it will continue to happen unless we hold them accountable.
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