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My story is unfortunately not unique and that is exactly why I wish to fight the charges against me. The incident began with my daughter and her friends being stopped by police after leaving a movie. They were doing NOTHING illegal ,just being teenagers. Things escalated into her best friend being handcuffed and tackled to the ground by several officers. My daughter had bruises on her arm from being grabbed by an officer. She was also told that if she did not stop filming the incident she would go to a juvenile home. When I arrived I was lied to about the incident by an officer, in an attempt to make it look like the kids had been fighting in large groups so that they would be justified in their actions.   In the end I was arrested because the officer became enraged at me asking for his name before I left. I did not so much as use profane language let alone attempt to assault anyone or resist arrest beyond asking what I was being arrested for.    This is definitely the short version as there were many actions and comments that are extremely concerning on the officers part(rolling eyes and making jokes when informed that one of the girls mom does not speak fluent English, insulting the kids and telling them if they were their child they would put them in a foster home)  Initially I was charged with felony Assault, Resisting, and Obstruction. It is now Attempted Assault, Resisting, and Obstruction.  I have spoke with an excellent attorney who would love to take my case, just waiting for a retainer fee.

I want to fight these charges because :

It is not ok for police to harass and physically assault 13 year olds!                                                             

It is not ok for an officer of the law to arrest someone because they do not want to be for their name                                                          

It is not ok for police to lie about being assaulted in police reports!


I do not want to take a guilty plea because I am NOT GUILTY . I do not want to be intimidated by these officers and our current system.  And I do not want money to be the reason I cannot stand against this misconduct .  Thank you for reading and thank you for any contributions! I need $750 asap to hire the attorney and then estimating another 700-800 in fees after that.


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