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Jason Medina is a hardworking man who has been falsely accused of financially exploiting his elderly grandfather by other family members who feel they have been jilted. I am trying to raise funds help him hire an attorney and get out on bail.

Hello friends! My name is Stacy Graves. I created this campaign to help raise funds for Jason Medina who has been falsely accused of exploiting his grandfather for financial gain by a jealous family member. Unfortunately, it seems that the days of investigating claims of wrongdoing prior to placing individuals under arrest are long gone and the legal system is only concerned with collecting bail money and fees from anyone they suspect may be guilty of a crime. Sadly, the elderly are often targets of greedy family and acquaintances and therefore any accusations made on their behalf are taken quite seriously.

In the case of Jason Medina, these accusations are categorically false! Jason's story goes like this...

Jason has lived most of his life with his grandparents in their home up until his grandfather, Ignacio Rodriguez, moved in with his daughter (Jason's aunt) Rosie Gomez and her husband. Jason's grandmother passed away a few years back apparently leaving all property to Ms Gomez and nothing to her husband, son, grandson, or any other family members according to her will which was only filed for probate AFTER Jason received the deed to his grandfather's home.

Why, you may ask, would Jason's grandfather deed his home to him? The answer to that question is that upon moving into Ms Gomez's home, she and her husband began harrassing him for a copy of his will, which is held by his longtime neighbor under the strict order to NOT give Ms Gomez any access to it until after his death so that she cannot force him to change it in her favor! After several weeks of harrassment, Mr Rodriguez asked Jason, in front of me, to sign the deed over to Jason in order to prevent Ms Gomez from trying to take control of the property for herself through her relentless verbal abuse. In order to not make any rash decisions, Jason and I waited about a week before visiting Mr Rodriguez at Ms Gomez's residence. At that time, Jason asked Mr Rodriguez if he still wished to transfer the deed to him or if he had changed his mind. Mr Rodriguez again stated, in front of me, that this was indeed his wish and that Ms Gomez had been putting increased pressure on him for a copy of his will. We agreed to take Mr Rodriguez to transfer the deed the following day.

The next day, as promised, we arrived to pick up Mr Rodriguez. We then picked up Mr Rodriguez's longtime neighbor, V, who had agreed to be an additional witness to this property transfer and we all went to the local notary to witness the transfer as well. After dropping V back at home, we went to the records office to file the deed.

Mr Rodriguez stated that he did not wish for Ms Gomez to know about this transfer because he was afraid she would kick him out of her home. We made it clear to Mr Rodriguez that we still consider this house his property and he is most welcome, and even wanted, to come back to reside there with Jason and myself.

Shortly after the county tax records were updated, Ms Gomez found out about the transfer of property and as expected, was furious. She stated that Jason "stole grandpa's house".

The fact is that Jason never once asked for the property. Jason only took the actions his grandfather explicitly asked for. Sadly, Ms Gomez's harrassment of Mr Rodriguez has only intensified since then and she has denied Jason any access to Mr Rodriguez other than a couple of phone calls with her yelling at him in the background about how sneaky Jason is.

Two days ago, Jason was pulled over for a traffic violation and arrested on the spot for a warrant with the charge of "exploitation of the elderly"! This came as a complete shock since Jason has the will, a witnessed deed, and multiple witnesses who can verify Mr Rodriguez's will and intent for Jason to retain possession of the property in question. There are also videos of Mr Rodriguez stating his wishes. Since Jason does not and has never had access to any of Mr Rodriguez's Financials, the property transfer is the only thing which could have triggered this complaint.

As I mentioned previously, it appears that there was no attempt to investigate the claims being made or speak with any witnesses or even notify Jason that any such complaint had been made despite the arresting officer stating that they "have been looking for him".

The result of all of this is that Jason is currently sitting in jail, now unemployed, with a $50,000 bail amount on a false claim! This is the very definition of an injustice, and I humbly ask for the public's assistance to free and vindicate this wonderful man who was only trying to do what his grandfather asked of him. I ask that you please donate and share this campaign to free and defend this wonderful man who has become yet another victim of greedy family using a broken justice system to get what they want. Thank you for your time.


Stacy Graves

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